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Natalie Jean - 'I Am'

Review By Ionas Finser & Staff

A gently strummed guitar opens “I Am” with dynamic, driven arpeggios. On top of this soft bed of sound, Natalie Jean's crystal clear voice enters, mic’ed intimately and full of beautiful space.

Every word out of Jean’s mouth is one to reflect on, delivered with integrity and passion. Underneath verse after emotional verse one can hear percussion slowly building. It never ceases and only grows, like a poetic symbol of the oppressed rising up. In a climactic burst of passion and strength, the song erupts into a symphony of backing vocals, powerful percussion, and flowing strings.

The lyrics of “I Am” are clear and empowered. In a world plagued by racism, Natalie Jean finds the strength and courage to stand her ground and put hate in its place. Jean’s words are not something you can ignore, powerfully delivered and oozing with emotional expression.

“You call me names Without any proof of your claims This says more about you Then it says anything about me”

“I Am” executes flawlessly just what it was designed to do: get straight to your heart. At first just an echo, the blood pumping in the veins of the hateful boils over with truth, and surges into roaring passion in those who have lived oppressed for too long, as Natalie Jean masterfully commands her orchestra of sound and emotion into a raging fire. This powerful song is capable of change on the most macroscopic scale

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About Natalie Jean

Natalie Jean is a multi-nominated award winning artist. She has been nominated over 100 times for her music and has won too many awards to list.. She performs and writes for many genres; Pop, Jazz, Blues, R&B, Rap, Contemporary, Country, Americana, and Dance. Most recently she won the Gold Medal for her song "You Don't Know Me" in the 2019 Global Music Awards and won Versatile Artist of The Year in the 2019 Josie Music Awards.

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