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Nicki Kris - 'Rise'

Music Review By Ionas Finser & Staff

Nicki Kris' “Rise” is an emotional powerhouse that will blow you away over and over again. This sensational piece of music begins with a rich, ominous synthesizer build, only to open up to a series of surprisingly serene piano arpeggios to support the first verse.

“Rise” features a number of musical elements that allow the song to stand out, including dynamic drums to make the chorus come to life, subtle backing vocals in the most opportune moments, and a grand orchestral ensemble to bring the latter part of the song into the stratosphere. However, perhaps the most powerful of all is the way Nicki Kris commands her voice to evoke a plethora of emotions with each phrase.

It’s only fitting that such powerful music houses an equally powerful message. In the case of “Rise,” we find that the artist has chosen to reach out to women around the globe who have fallen victim to the hazards of an unjust, patriarchal society. Nicki Kris’s words rally hope, perseverance, and passionate dissent.

“No more hiding in the shadows / It's time to level the playing field / I’m a warrior, I’ve got nerves of steel / I’m done walking through your minefields”

Nicki Kris forges melodies that are catchy in the best way: they resonate with the listener, and continue to empower strength and courage long after the last chord has sounded. “Rise” sends a shock wave around the world, and carries a message that should find the ears of every human being looking to make the world a better place.


About Nicki Kris

Nicki Kris is an award-winning singer-songwriter based in Raleigh, North Carolina. She has been on the official ballot for the Grammy Awards, for the past seven years, in numerous categories, including: Song Of The Year, Record Of The Year, Pop Vocal Album, Pop Solo Performance, Best Rock Song, and Best Rock Performance.

Her unique and powerful voice has been compared to artists like Pink and Adele as well as top female rockers of the past, Pat Benatar and Stevie Nicks, while her songwriting yields a modern, contemporary style.

Nicki's music has captured an international audience since the soul stylings of her debut album, 'I Come Alive in 2013.' Her songs have been featured in award-winning movies, TV shows, and on radio stations worldwide. Nicki’s latest release, Heartbeat [N.K.M Records], is a 14-track album filled with empowering anthems and catchy sing-along tracks. The new album features 14 songs that showcase her powerful vocals and catchy pop-rock songwriting. The early singles from this collection have earned over one million streams on Soundcloud, as well as many international awards.

The end result is a masterful collection of Alternative Pop/Rock songs that showcase her polished vocals, vibrant and vivid songwriting, and meaninful lyrics. Nicki has already been recognized in several international songwriting competitions and her songs have over a 1.5 million streams.

For more information, please visit Nciki Kris's website.


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