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Review by Matt Wong & Staff

“The Trickster” off Noah James Hittners album, willing, is a sweet song about fleeting love. It begins with an extended acoustic guitar intro that sounds like a soundtrack to a movie from the old West setting the stage for the "Trickster" to come and go. Great articulations, similar to a classical guitar (but on an electric), offer stunning embellishments bringing out the emotion in the music. Along with the nice use of reverb, Noah sets a perfect soundscape for the song. Following the rubato intro, the groove kicks in with an acoustic guitar now playing a syncopated rhythm along with the bass and a kick drum playing a four to the floor beat.

After much anticipation, Hittner’s warm vocals enter with the first verse. Background vocals in a higher register nicely complement the main vocal line, both harmonically and textually.

"So fly where you gotta fly. I promise to smile in time. At the thought of those two months when you were mine. Yeah go fly where you gotta fly. I promise to smile in time. At the thought of those two months when you were mine. Oh you Trickster."

Following the chorus is an instrumental interlude, which introduces a snare drum beat and stylish electric guitar fills. From an orchestration standpoint, the interlude sets up the second verse perfectly with a fresh sound, both in instrumentation and the energy. A vibey guitar solo follows to wrap up the final chorus.

"Trickster" has a brilliant whimsical feel, much like the trickster in the lyrics. The music is intricate and you feel like it comes into your ears and it leaves you too soon. You want to listen to the song again. When your think about the melodies and the lyrics, it makes you smile as you can picture this "trickster" person. This is beyond clever songwriting. Noah has a gift for musical word painting; he brings out the song's emotion and story through his well-conceived arrangements making him a very artistic producer.

The lyrics in “The Trickster” are about loss and the questions that arise in its wake. Sometimes I shake my head and wonder why” and “I wonder when your caught you glimpse, did you leave in the night.” The lyric “Yeah go shine where you gotta shine” is a stand out line in the song, and is effectively emphasized in the production. The song, however, is not bitter at all. This is about loss that leaves you with questions, but there is a charming fondness that resonates.

"The Trickster” by Noah James Hittner is a well-written and well performed song that features a memorable melody, interesting lyrics, and great guitar playing. Having played all the instruments on the recording in addition to producing the song, Hittner showcases his high level of musicianship and arranging ability in the creation of this masterpiece recording. Hittner is an artist through and through whether he's writing a sweet whimsical love song or a jamming hip hop tune, and that is the highest level compliment one can give any singer-songwriter.

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About Noah James Hittner

Noah James Hittner is a musician, producer, author and entrepreneur who was born and raised in the rural Midwest. Despite being raised the son of a local country-rock legend, Noah procrastinated for well over a decade before finally picking up the guitar in 2009. Influenced by everything from folk-rock to hip-hop, Noah has released several albums which blend the singer-songwriter, acoustic, rock, urban, and electronic styles into a singular "Acoustic-Tronic" genre. Off the album willing, the single "Porch Step" pays homage to Noah's roots in hip hop.

In addition to music, Noah is the creator, owner and operator of, The Ark of Music LLC, which strives to enrich the music culture by connecting independent and small label musicians with the music-loving public.

Warming the heart and inspiring the mind, Noah has written and published several books on the topic of human consciousness, spirituality, and personal freedom.


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