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Nodus Tollens - 'Some Time Alone'

Review Written by Victoria Scott & Staff

“Some Time Alone,” a hypnotic dreamy-pop song by Nodus Tollens. There’s an atmospheric and ambient sound that has 70 influences, giving the song a euphoric, trance-like vibe. The electric guitar and the silky vocals have an extreme echo effect, yielding a stellar chill sound.

The production by Kobe Patterson is pristine and abstract, which works flawlessly with this song. Nodus creates music for the sake of music alone; he creates it for himself and expresses his thoughts as an artist in the song. The main theme is trying to make music on your own terms. The verses depict this vision and take you into his Nodus' mindset.

“I just need to breathe, I don't want to sound mean, I know you’re just trying to help, but I just need some time alone.”

There’s an ambiguous tone from the verses to the instrumental choices that give the sound room for interpretation and space for emotion.

Nodus has an avant-garde bedroom approach and an extraordinary trance style in “Some Time Alone” placing him in the heart of a dreamy and cosmic musical genre. "Some Time Alone" seeks to stand on it's own merit. If this song were a person, it would be saying "I don't require your validation. I exist because this is who I am" “Some Time Alone” is a deeply reflective song with a chill vibe, an obscure mood, and a dream-time landscape that absorbs you.

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