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Nothing but a Nightmare - 'Living In A Lie'

Review by Sylvie Marie & Staff

"Nothing but a Nightmare" was founded in 2017 by five high-school best friends in Langhorne, PA. A year later, they released their first two singles, "The Girl from Scandinavia" and "Down That Road No More." The music video for "The Girl from Scandinavia" was a hit with local teens and the press. In February 2019, the band released their debut album "Nostalgia" which received streaming success. Following up, in May 2019, the band opened for Andy Grammer at the "Wilmington Flower Market Festival" and during that same summer, they released three new singles including their top streamed song and music video "Can't Fix Stupid." After a short hiatus the band is back on top with their latest singles "Sittin' in the Corner (Friday Night in Boston)" and "Living in a Lie."

"Living in a Lie" commences with a choppy distorted electric guitar riff. The catchy, melodic riff has plenty displays attitude before the band busts into a groove filled, pop-rock jam. The band's lead singer commences. "I had a dream about you. In it we're more than friends." The lead vocalist has a tone that is clear and confident, polished with a definite pop-flavored sound, and the ability to soar to those higher tenor notes with ease. He's a powerful front-man for the band.

The chorus comes in after a "HaHa Oowww!" The thick strumming electric guitars are in full-force now yielding such a unique combination of rock and pop. The chorus is contagious, both lyrically and melodically. "This is my premonition. Girls girls girls they rule the world. Damage your reputation. Girls girls girls they fool the world."

"Living In A Lie" is the story of guy meets girl. Guy falls in love with girl. Girl marries another guy. Guy objects. Both the bridge and outro sections offer seamless turns into new musical textures, rhythmic concepts, and exceptional background vocals as the lyrics enter into the wedding ceremony with "I object" and "Speak now or forever hold your peace." The background vocal work in "Living In A Lie" really showcases the band's creativity. Forget boring harmonies, this band uses background vocals in an exciting ways give the song energy.

"Living In A Lie" is a spectacular song performed by a band that knows what contagious creativity is all about. Seamlessly blending rock and pop, Nothing but a Nightmare has a sound that is all their own. With a lead singer who has it all and excellent backup vocal concepts set to music that is ever-engaging, Nothing but a Nightmare has something for the discerning ear and for the masses. This a band you don't want to miss.

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