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Nuawd Musiq - "Marry You"

Review by Abby Kenna

“Marry You” by Nwuad Musiq is a candid, captivating song about the self-growth and responsibility that must be found in love. Its hooky chorus and clever structure bolster the song’s pop catchiness, while the lyrics add a relatable depth.

“Marry You” opens with a pop-infused hip-hop beat, colored by touches of synth melodies and atmospheric ad-libs. The kick drum hits you right in the chest, thumping boldly and driving the track forward, while the rest of the lively beat shuffles steadily. Nwuad Musiq enters the track with a catchy, singable hook that flourishes with passion. The arrangement is expressive, enfolding the lead vocals with ad-libs that work in hints of emotion, cleverly panned to either side of the mix to develop the sonic delivery further. As Nwuad shifts into the first rap verse, he takes on a confessional tone, opening his heart to listeners about his past wrongdoings within his relationship. His voice is confident and articulate, yet tinged with an edge of poignancy as he looks inward on these moments:

“I admit that I did make a few mistakes

Took advantage of your love and took up space

You stood up for me even when you knew I was wrong

Holding me down is the reason why I write this song…”

With his honest lyricism and impassioned tone, Nwuad Musiq communicates the growth happening within “Marry You”, and the progression of the narrator.

The conversational structure of “Marry You” is one of the most unique and intriguing aspects of the song. Following Nwuad Musiq’s introductory verse, a featured singer, Ferrari, steps in for a contrasting rap section. Given the context of the song, the addition of a female vocalist gives the impression of a conversation between a couple, wherein the listeners are on the outside, hearing both sides of the story. Ferrari’s verse explores the hurt and neglect that Nwuad Musiq confessed to causing within his lyrics, and coming from her voice, they are twice as heart-wrenching:

"Did it ever cross your mind

While you were playing in the street

That someone else was capable of loving only me?”

Nwuad Musiq has crafted a truly catchy song in “Marry You”, strengthening the song’s meaning by incorporating a female perspective in his featured singer, Ferrari. “Marry You” is a snapshot of real life, exploring the journey of healthy love.


About Nuawd Musiq

Born and raised in Los Angeles Ca, Nuawd Musiq born D'waun Roberson has always had a passion for music. He started singing at the early age of 11 which lead him to share the stage with some of the biggest names in the music industry. As a child, Nuawd sustained abuse, neglect, and so many more challenges, he turned to writing as a way out. He has currently written about a dozen songs, each speaking to a particular struggle and or desire. He now lives in Miami Florida with his wife and son. His new singles Marry You, Go Down and Status will be sure to get you in the groove.

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