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On Impulse - 'Uninvited'

Review by Brandon Watts & Staff

“Uninvited” from On Impulse boasts a smooth melodic beat with top-notch production that gets you feeling the vibe right off the bat. Various layers of synths meld together providing different textures and excitement to the arrangement before the drop of the drums.

With the pulse of the kick drum, the vocals enter and immediately catch you ear with an infectious flow and memorable build up to the hook rapping," Remember last night / I Don't need no replay / We was gone and fucked up yeah / I think it's okay /When it's time to do it all again / What can I say?”

Slipping into the next section of the pre-chorus, a punchy bass line pumps up the track as they continue to enrapture you with their catchy flow. As they enter the hook, the vocals become more legato and melodic, and the bass line switches from its more staccato like playing to a rich, droning sub bass.

Getting into the verse, they switch up to a slightly more aggressive flow as they dive into descriptive bars that give meaning and reason to the hook.

“Honestly just stop I'm always gonna start clear Unless you got your peers to invite me to a real beer party and everyone is hardly against me unlike your bestie she tried to arrest me with a charge so hefty I could never see the sun and even my slime the only real one just don't go one saying it's fun when you're friends don't want me cuz I ain't interrupting on your party.”

"Univited" conveys that feeling of wanting to feel like your welcomed. We've all experience that awkward moment when we realize that maybe we weren't on the guest list. It's a fun song that keeps it real.

On Impulse delivers a unique sound with content that is both relatable and catchy with “Uninvited.” Keeping it honest and real, the duo delivers their experience with an infectious flow that gets you hooked fast.


About On Impulse

Hip hop, rap, and R & B duo Brett Robbins and Christian Alan formed in late 2019 and became known as On Impulse. The name On Impulse comes from how Christian and Brett do everything immediately, and without a second thought.

The duo grew up in Omaha, Nebraska, and began taking steps to learn music together there while in their senior year of high school. They were influenced by many different types of sounds and artists, but a few include Goldlink, Denzel Curry, Earthgang, Playboi Carti, Travis Scott and many more. It wasn't until their first year of college at the University of Nebraska at Omaha that they decided to brand themselves, and work on their first major self-release Mind Of A Diamond ( August 2020). They are currently working on more music with the hope to branch and reach millions.

For more information, please visit On Impulse's website. Connect on Instagram. Steam on Spotify.


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