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Parmy Dhillon - 'Time'

Review by Sylvie Marie & Staff

The sound of nature, birds chirping after a rainfall, opens "Time", by Parmy Dhillon from his new album, Mind Our of Time, Vol.1. "Time" is a song about how the days, weeks, months and years pass through our lives, and how we make changes along the way.

The song's track is guitar centered with a bright, acoustic strumming guitar at the centerpiece. Light percussion sets the rhythm and groove. The musical landscape is indie-folk, reminicent of artists like Van Morrison and Tom Petty.

At the core of "Time" are the song's poignant lyrics and Parmy's vocal delivery. Parmy's vocals have an authentic folk appeal. His voice has character; he finds those emotional nooks and crannies that give the song a heartfelt performance yielding an authentic delivery that stays with you a long time. Background vocals add emotional layers to the song's impactful mesage.

In the first verse he sings, "Take the rain Take, take the rain away. Nothing ever grows with water here anyway. And nothing ever sounds like a song when you want it to." He goes on to describe the feeling of being out of place, of trying to lock up your own pain and anxiety, and starting fresh again. They lyrics are introspective and reflective. "Its funny how we lie, just to hide, just another game. Take me home, take take me home again. Maybe I'll reverse the tape and i can start a fresh again."

In "Time", Parmy explores a difficult subject matter - how times slips through us. He captures a sense of the past, present and the future flowing through our lives. He expresses how we grapple with time, and in the end how we love ourselves the best way we can. "Time is nothing But time is spent Time is chasing down everything Time is wasted whem I'm home again Time is precious And time is sweet Time is chasing me off my feet Time is wasted when I'm home again"

Parmy Dhillon is a master of poetic folk music. With Parmy, you get a poet, a singer and a musican in every song. In "Time", as well as in his other songs, Parmy invites the listener to hear, think, and feel. This is music with substance - Parmy is a rare find and a gem in today's music scene.

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About Parmy Dhillon

Parmy Dhillon is a genuine artist who expresses real emotions. Whether as a solo artist singing to an acoustic guitar, or frontman of his full band, TheNew Science, the Melbourne singer-songwriter delivers powerful music that deals in raw, honest emotion. Heartfelt and real, conjuring classic undertones of the great social commentator songwriters.


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