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Pastor Peter Unger - “Hark Hark the Lord is Risen”

Review by Daniel Deprè

“Hark Hark the Lord Has Risen” begins with such a beautiful intro, you can practically feel the clouds parting and the sun shining through. This is the type of song I’d love to wake up to every morning so that I begin my day with positivity and happiness. The absence of percussion allows the atmosphere to float gently, without it ever becoming too big or too epic. This is meant to be gentle and sweet while also offering the encompassing warmth of faith. Peter Unger has created a song that is low-key yet also very moving and emotional. If you are someone who practices faith, this is sure to be a beautiful anthem for you to become very comfortable with.

The lyrics are referring to the idea that Christ has left the tomb and because of this, he can be with us all in our everyday lives. The lyrics are written in such a way that they are clear what they are referring to yet they still maintain a poetic poise to them.

“So awaken come and see, and hear the angel say, the lord has risen from the tomb on this glorious Easter day”.

The lyrics also wonderfully shine a light on the uplifting attitude that faith often brings and how it can help you shut out any darkness in your life. “In the darkness of the tomb, a radiant light casts out the gloom, where once a body was laid down a linen cloth is all that is found”.

The instrumentation is decidedly minimalistic, and it creates a delightful and light ambiance that is sure to relax you. The song begins with a rhythmically active piano that is further enhanced by a wistful flute and acoustic guitar. The intro is short and switches into a piano ballad when the vocals come in. Singer Peter Unger’s voice is deep and warm. It is also very full and reminds one of a preacher reading a passionate and thoughtful sermon. The chorus adds a vocal harmony to the main melody that helps set it apart from the verses. The piano is the main instrument and it’s aptly mixed in the center of the stereo field right behind the vocals. “Hark Hark The Lord Has Risen” is a glorious and sweet song that is such a relaxing reminder to trust in yourself because you are loved and supported.

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About Peter Unger

Peter Unger is a pastor and part time college instructor. Originally a native of Vermont, he now lives in Pennsylvania. His songs are written within a variety of genres including folk, country, Gospel, and Celtic music. He tries to write songs that will reach a broad spectrum of spiritual seekers where they are at spiritually. Common themes in his music are the healing love and Grace of God. Pastor Unger has primarily performed his songs during the worship services of the churches he has served. He sees sharing his songs online as an extension of his ministry.