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Patrick Tabaks - "Lost My Mind"

Reviewed by Aaron Cloutier & Staff

Singer-songwriter Patrick Tabaks delivers a quietly emotive performance on “Lost My Mind”, a dreamy acoustic pop ballad that takes the listener's mind to the beach just before sunrise.

Initially, the foundation of the song is built around the guitar as Tabaks’ tight acoustic comping lays down the rhythmic groundwork. Considering that the song is devoid of any percussive elements until finger snaps come in at the 00:32 mark, the impressive landscape is a testament to Tabaks fingerstyle guitar chops.

Resting on the guitar-driven foundation, the listener will be greeted with a call and response of both lead and backing vocals. Lush harmonies fill up the space nicely as the listener is given a moment to take in Tabaks’ narrative. His voice is warm, yet calm and collected. Rather than belting it out to get your attention, Tabaks gets up close and personal as if singing into your ear. This coupled with eventual inclusion of warm bass lines, dry kick and snare drum along with the wall of vocals create a feeling that is serene throughout the piece.

The story behind the song is a bittersweet one as it talks about two friends who are secretly in love with each other but don’t know it and are too scared to act on it. Anyone who’s been in this situation can instantly relate to lyrics such as

“I’m thinking ‘bout you when you’re gone

Like I could not live on my own, own

Saw you sitting away alone

I could take you back to home, home

You are like butterflies that

Fly away so easily, easily

Can’t take my eyes off you, but

Life goes on and so do we, so do we

We’ve been so much together”

The inclusion of guest vocalist Elizabeth Luka during the second verse brings added depth to the story as she laments on their situation. Luka's voice is smooth and clear as she sings:

“Run away ‘cause I am shy

Maybe even tell a few lies, lies yeah

How do I get you out my head

Whilst sitting home alone on my bed”

Though the song is very mellow throughout, the emotional content is almost palpable. Things are brought to a crescendo by the 3rd verse as Tabaks and Luka join in to sing unison lines throughout until the dynamics roll back to their original starting point at the beginning. The duo displays polished musicianship in their phrasing.

Is there a happy ending? Well, judging by the last few lyrics, it looks like moves were made to face their respective fears. Hey for what it’s worth, I hope these two characters get together - the song has you rooting for them as you hang onto the sweet emotion.

In short, “Lost My Mind” is for anyone out there who knows the struggle of falling in love with a friend and the inner turmoil that comes with it. Consider this tune as a balm. You’re not alone my friend. "Lost My Mind" will ease your mind while providing great music for your ears.

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About Patrick Tabaks Patrick Tabaks was busy readying his debut album Lost My Mind for release in September. The 17-year-old singer-songwriter / producer spent much of 2021 writing and recording the nine-song collection in studios in the U.K., Sweden, Canada, the United States as well as his native Latvia. Patrick Tabaks has been immersed in music since his sister began teaching him piano at the age of six. He began singing on the professional opera stage at the age of 11, performing at the Latvian National Opera and becoming known as “the boy with the golden voice.”

Over the next four years, he performed duets with famous opera singers and participated in productions of different operas both in Latvia and abroad. Even with his own album complete, Patrick has no plans to slow down. He is currently cowriting and co- producing new songs with singer Elizabeth Luka, as well as collaborating with producer Tim Lars on an electronic pop single called “Countryside” that will be released on October 15th. He has also started rehearsals for the leading role in a new musical Star Child that will debut in November. Patrick was also a part of the cast of musical Rent when the production resumed at August 2021.


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