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Paul Bibbins - "Oh Woman, Sweet Woman"

Review by Daniel Deprè

“Oh Woman, Sweet Woman” is a beautiful cacophony. It has a chaotic energy to it that blasts you in the face with slammin’ guitars and frantic drums. There is also a very free style to it, the vocals float above almost doing their own thing while the instrumentation carries the energy and intensity. The musical stylings featured seem to take inspiration from Led Zeppelin, however, it’s been cranked to 11 here. This is a great song to blast when your home alone in the house and just want to drown out the world for a while.

Lyrically, Paul Bibbins is writing about how amazing and powerful women are. He is reflecting on the beauty they possess, and how men are forever drawn to it. His lyrics have satisfying phrasing, while his writing employs clever rhymes and interesting imagery.

“You might call her the latest roadside rebel, but I call her a most determined devil, sweet thing of pretty rings, and that she’ll always be.”

Paul Bibbins also calls upon two different kinds of women, one more fierce, and the other sweeter.

“Woman child of sweet elegance, and that she’ll always be, just a woman of her time, oh what comes from that woman’s mind.

The instrumentation of “Oh Woman, Sweet Woman” features a small number of instruments, but they all aptly bring the heat and fill out the frequency spectrum. Everything kicks off with the guitars and drums beginning their wild riffing and jamming. The instrumentation creates the free and open style that “Oh Woman, Sweet Woman” thrives in, creating a very improvised and unpredictable sound. The drums are very heavy and intense, maintaining a healthy balance between keeping the pulse while also adding lots of rhythmic embellishment and some gnarly drum fills. Halfway through the song Paul, who played every instrument you’re hearing, lets out a nasty and fierce guitar solo. Paul’s vocals are very confident and have an almost talking-like nature to them. His voice is thick and warm, thriving in the mid-range area. “Oh Woman, Sweet Woman” is a crazed and feverish rock track that will melt your face off.


About Paul Bibbins

Paul Bibbins is a guitarist/song writer and independent musician from Dallas, Texas. He is originally from New Orleans, but in late 2005 Hurricane Katrina uprooted him to Texas; and he has lived in the Dallas area ever since. He's been playing guitar and writing songs for decades. I play high-energy, Hendrix-styled, original guitar rock ‘n roll.

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