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Paul Roth - 'Gold'

Now based in Hong Kong, and originally from New South Wales, Australia, Paul Roth is a singer/songwriter with a wide range of influences including pop, folk, rock, gospel and more. A Univeristy trained guitarist, Paul gained recognition around Sydney playing his own original music and as a freelance musician. He released his debut EP, Remember This EP. which led to contracts in Japan and the Caribbean. Now residing in Hong Kong, Paul performs regularly at festivals, including Hong Kong's premier festival Clockenflap, and other venues as the bass player for "Esimorp". In 2020, Paul returned to his singer-songwriter roots. Releasing singles in advance of his 8-song album, Paul's latest single "Gold" welcomes Paul back to this aspect of his career with open arms.

Paul Roth’s “Gold” is a beautiful love song that will have you head over heels for his sound through his sincere vocal performance and shifting dynamics. Opening up, the arrangement beings with faint, droning ambience accompanied by the soft and steady strumming of guitar with a low-cut filter.

As the filter fades off, the sound of the guitar opens up queueing the entrance of Paul’s honest vocals boasting a pleasantly unrefined sound that fits perfectly in the mix. The melodies are sweet and mellow, and the verse transitions seamlessly into the chorus as he sings,

“Sun is shining gold, share the spoils with you Shadows casting low, pull the shade with you River's on a flow, floatin' on with you Whatever comes and goes, through it all with you.”

Paul's vocal performance is subdued, introspecitve and moving. With each passing section, the arrangement builds dynamically adding new elements like keys and percussion to bolster the sound. Melodic accents are weaved into phrases that grab listeners ears, drawing you further into the music. Lryically the song's poetic writing is about the essence of being in a relationship with someone through the ebb and flow of life, the good and bad times, and the daily, monotonous routines. Experienced together, all of life's mysteries and monotonies and moments are "gold" in the right hands and heart.

“Gold” is a perfect relationship song. With a reasurring and calming effect, the song's poignant message is that life is meant to be shared and when you share it with someone you love, you get to experience all of life's colors together. Paul Roth has mastered the skill of communication through music through a sound that perfectly compliments the mood and emotion of his lyrics. "Gold" warmly and brilliantly invites Paul back to the singer-songwriter idiom and will leave fans wanting more of this artist's music.

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