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Pauline Frechette - 'Diamonds'

By Victoria Scott & Staff

Pauline Frechette is a contemporary, classical composer. Her Great-grandfather, Josef Vezina, founded the Quebec Symphony and her father, Frigon Louis Frechette, was a renowned organist. In a world where communication is boiled down to clipped emails, texts, and social media bites, Pauline offers emotional beauty of melody, harmony and development in each song miniature. One could say that her music is “romantic minimalism” - the essence of romantic beauty and aesthetic in a short span of time. Both of Frechette’s albums, Colors of My Heart and An Intimate Story debuted in the Billboard Top Ten in Classical and Jazz. Her music is being played in over 100 countries to millions of listeners on radio and in stores and restaurants. She has had her musicals produced at the Goodspeed Opera House, in NYC at the Baruch Theatre and at the La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts. Her compositions have been performed by the Baltimore Symphony, The Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, the National Symphony at the Kennedy Center Concert, Cincinnati Symphony and at Disney Concert Hall. Pauline

The night sky is filled with sparkling wonder in Pauline Frechette’s classical piece “Diamonds” from the album Winter Romance. A soft, gorgeous piano melody opens up the tune as the strings settle into the harmony. The piano resonates over David Campell’s delectable orchestration. Arpeggios and harmonies in the string section highlight the ethereal sound. The orchestration and piano are well mixed; Travis Warner (Engineer) has created a pristine and vibrant sound.

With thoughtful deliberation, "Diamonds" has an intimate and pensive quality. Unfolding slowly, piano centered melodies illuminate the heart in time and space like stars in the universe. The melodies seems to dip and lift, creating a dance-like flow, showcasing masterful phrasing by Daniel Faltus. Daniel Faltus is a talented pianist who performs the song with deeply felt artistic sensibilities.

After an elegant introduction, the song moves into a new section in which a deep bass is present along with lovely chordal dissonance to create just the right amount of tension, before moving back to the beautiful, flowing arpeggiations. A counter melody appears to float high in the sky from the heavens. A gentle string arrangement fills in the empty spaces while light percussive ambience adds mystery.

“Diamonds” is inspired by the celestial sky and people who are important in Pauline’s life.

Every person is precious and unique, like a diamond. Her piece is genuine and vulnerable and showcasing an honest, pure spirit. “Diamonds” are valuable gems, and the people we love are priceless. Pauline captures this priceless love in her song.

"Diamonds" by Pauline Frechette lives up to it's title with a piano composition that is brilliant. This musical gem lights up the universe.

Stream on Spotify. For more information, please visit Pauline Frechette's website.


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