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Pauline Frechette – ‘Love in the Afternoon'

Review by Matt Wong & Staff

“Love in the Afternoon” begins with a gentle call and response between the accordion, and string bass while the strings set up a tranquil vibe underneath. Frechette’s vocals then join in on the first verse, and immediately captivates listeners with the control of her vocal technique. The way in which she delivers the opening lyrics cultivates a sense of intimacy between performer and audience. As the song moves from verse to chorus, the arrangement grows organically with good old fashioned dynamics and clever arranging and orchestration. As the arrangement ebbs and flows, listeners hear musical dialogue between the strings, accordion, bass, and piano, all while supporting the melody and Frechette’s vocals. Upon arriving at the instrumental section, listeners are graced with beautiful harp lines, followed by a bass solo by the one and only Stanley Clarke. The magic continues with one more chorus and verse.

The lyrics in “Love in the Afternoon” were inspired by the deep and enduring love that Frechette has for her husband. Taken from love letters and poems that Frechette and her husband have exchanged over the years, the lyrics talk about “languishing beside rose petal pools” and “loving you so tender in the sunlight.” As the song moves through the form, listeners get a glimpse of the depth and strength of Frechette’s relationship with her husband.

“Love in the Afternoon” by Pauline Frechette is a wonderfully written song filled with emotion and beauty. With this song, Frechette shows listeners that she is a master songwriter who conjures magic with words and delivers them with life and character with her A-level talent as a vocalist. Produced, arranged, and conducted by David Campbell, the performance on “Love in the Afternoon” is top notch and powerful.

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About Pauline Frechette

Pauline Frechette is a contemporary, classical composer with a background that started with playing in youth symphonies on violin and winning awards in piano competitions. Her Great-grandfather, Josef Vezina, founded the Quebec Symphony and her father, Frigon Louis Frechette, was a renowned organist. Fans and critics response to her music: “pure magic” “haunting” “poetry” “captivating beyond words.”

Pauline’s compositions are gems that spark the 21st century need for private inspiration, sensual beauty or glowing romanticisim - the essence of romantic beauty and aesthetic in a short span of time. A Frechette romantic miniature fills the need for warm flow, deeper meaning or emotional lift to a higher plane in the time it took to prepare and consume an espresso.

Both of Frechette’s albums in over 150 countries to billions of listeners on radio and in stores and restaurants. Her compositions have been performed by the Baltimore Symphony, The Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, New West Symphony, National Symphony at the Kennedy Center Concert Hall, Cincinnati Symphony and at Disney Concert Hall. Her solo piano album “An Intimate Story” was an official 2021 Grammy Entry and her song “Jewel Box won the WAM Award for “Best Instrumental” in 2020. She is currently working on a ballet which was commissioned by the New West Symphony with the Pacific Festival Ballet company.


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