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Perfect Mark - 'Better Days'

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Reviewed by Aaron Cloutier & Staff

Indie folk singer-songwriter Marco Perfetti (also known as Perfect Mark) serves up “Better Days” a gentle acoustic ballad chock full of lush, dynamic vocals and poignant lyrics.

Completely void of any percussive elements or additional instrumentation, “Better Days” is stripped down to two elements as listeners are graced with gently fingerpicked guitar and Perfect Mark’s gripping vocals. With guitar and voice, Perfect Mark creates a strong sense of space and atmosphere. The vibe here is palpable, and the sound just envelops your soul.

What is interesting about Perfect Mark's vocals is his emotive and intimate presentation that is never overreaching, which unto itself is the sign of a true artistic. More or less sung in a light mixed voice registration throughout, his dynamic control serves as a subtle invitation rather than an attention seeker, and is pulled off to great effect. The mix yields a sound that is sung directly into your ear, and one can almost hear a hint of a Jeff Buckley which is never a bad thing.

The bread and butter of any kind of folk music revolves around how strong the lyricist is and Perfect Mark showcases his chops in full force. He writes with vivid imagery and injects a healthy amount of soul into his message which at first glance, seems to be a tender love song. Despite it’s tender nature, “Better Days” is not without it’s moments of levity. There are brief moments of bittersweet reality injected into the lyrics adding to the honesty piece. “That’s some cliche shit. Makes me wanna cry.” And yet, as soon as the perceived levity arrives, a deep vulnerability follows as he sings “When I look into your eyes, I see better. I see better.”

There’s an earnestness and a humanity throughout Perfect Mark's performance. You just immediately believe him. Give “Better Days” a listen and have yourself a three minute soul massage.

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About Perfect Mark

Perfect Mark is the musical project of Italian singer songwriter Marco Perfetti. From the mountains of Tuscany, to the New York City skyscrapers, via Boston, Perfect Mark's music is made of acoustic arrangements, rich dynamics vocals, and deep lyrics. Marco started his career in Italy, performing for several years in various bands, exploring different genres, from pop, to classic rock, rock-blues and R&B, and acoustic duos and trios. In 2009 he was one of the winners of the prestigious Tour Music Fest (the biggest European competition for independent artists). After winning a scholarship to Berklee College of Music, Marco moved to the states in 2012 and Perfect Mark was formed. The first album "Flesh & Voice", features Marco’s original songs arranged and recorded with the collaboration of international musicians coming from Brazil, Korea, United States, Italy and Portugal. After countless national and international performances, Perfect Mark shifted from an alternative-rock sound to a more intimate, acoustic, indie folk style. The new sound was introduced with the powerful ballad "Bed of Waves," winner of the 2020 International Acoustic Music Awards, in the "AAA/Alternative" category.


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