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Peter Unger

By Brandon Watts & Staff Peter

Peter Unger is a singer-songwriter who writes inspirational/spiritual and Christian folk music.  He was a finalist in the USA International Song Writing Competition. Raised in New England, he is a graduate of Goddard College, has a Master of Divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary, and a Doctorate Degree from Drew University.  Pastor Peter (as he known to parishioners), has served Churches in upstate NY and Eastern PA. Singing and songwriting has been a passion of Pastor Peter since his early teens. Later Pastor Unger started writing songs as an extension of his ministry; they were performed during worship services, weddings, funerals, conferences, and a variety of other church gatherings.

During these troubled times Peter Unger's music is exceptionally healing and reassuring. His song, "There's a Spirit" was originally written as a children's song for worship, but it just as easily appeals to everyone. During this epidemic, people are finding solace in nature. Connecting on a deep level, to all living things, is a way to experience God. In "There's a Spirit," Peter dives into the spiritual side of nature. "There's a Spirit" is an easy listen that is sure to spread light and positive energy into your day. The record begins with a quick pick-up from lead electric guitar that is soon accompanied by the intricate finger picking of acoustic guitar and a warm bass. Although brief, the instrumental intricacies of the intro immediately draw your attention and showcase Peter's thoughtful and artistic guitar work.

As the intro attenuates, a beautifully arpeggiated inverted major 7th chord sets the ambience as the instrumental arrangement makes room for the entrance of Peter’s vocals.

To no surprise, Peter’s vocals are heartwarming and endearing as he sings about the human connection with nature.

“As I walk this path Through the woods. A joy fills my soul. I am part of something greater That makes me whole. There’s a Spirit moving all around Through all that lives and grows. It guides creation toward a greater plan In love and harmony it shows.”

Ultimately, Peter sends a universal message to everybody of the healing powers of getting outside and being in nature, one of the few activities we can all enjoy during this crisis. “There’s a Spirit” is just one of many of Peters moving and uplifting tunes. Make sure to share and spread his beautiful music to anybody in need of some comfort during this time.

For more information about Peter Unger, please visit his Reverbnation website.


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