• Bryon Harris

Peter Unger - 'Angels Wear the Strangest Faces'

Review by Ionas Finser & Staff

Pastor Peter B. Unger is a singer-songwriter who writes Inspirational/Spiritual Folk, Celtic and Country music.  He was a finalist in the USA International Song Writing Competition. Peter was raised in New England and is a graduate of Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont. He received his Master of Divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary, and a Doctorate Degree from Drew University in Madison, NJ.  Pastor Peter, as he known to parishioners, has served Churches in upstate NY and Eastern PA. He was also a chaplain at the veteran’s hospital in Syracuse, NY. Pastor Unger is also a college instructor at an area college. The greatest reward Pastor Unger has received from his music is the assurance by many of the comfort, hope, and mediated sense of Christ’s presence it brought them.

A bright, textured guitar intro provides a beautiful bedrock for “Angels Wear the Strangest Faces.” Unger begins the first verse, introducing us to a warm, reassuring voice that handles each word and phrase with gentle care and intention. Full of gorgeous reverberation and soaring harmonic movements, Peter Unger creates a mood of reverence and peace.

Lyrically, “Angels Wear the Strangest Faces” speaks to the kind, generous quality of people in a world with selfish, greedy tendencies. Through verse after brilliant verse, Peter Unger weaves a series of vignettes together to form a charming perspective on the good humanity is capable of.

“There is a teacher in an inner-city school,

And she still cares when caring is not the rule.

She takes the time to listen to their pain,

And she has made the difference time and time again.”

Don’t hesitate to give this song a listen, because it will make you feel undeniably warm and hopeful on every level. Unger has a gift for communication and is able to convey a myriad of thoughts and emotions to simple a acoustic instrumentation and structure. By pouring every possible ounce of soul and passion into his music, Peter Unger demonstrates the power music has to convey subliminal narratives with profound messages.


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