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Petrella- 'Bring It Here, Baby'

Review by Abby Kenna & Staff

“Bring It Here, Baby” by Petrella is a lively country-pop track, bursting with infectious charm in both lyrical and instrumental delight.

“Bring it Here, Baby” is danceable from the strum of the first chord, rippling with the bouncy energy of guitars and punchy drums. Petrella artfully composed the layers of guitars to intertwine, contrasting one another with low, rhythmic refrains and high, soaring tones. The twangy guitars wail out rhythmic melodies, harmonizing with one another to create a choir of bright sound. Complimenting the vivid tones of the guitar, various synths seem to mirror the instrumental themes, shadowing the brightness with fresh keyboard sounds.

As Petrella enters the track, the lyrics begin to tell a playful and spirited story:

“It’s been a hot July day

Waiting for a breeze to blow my way

To cool down the thoughts of you…

Petrella’s voice is the heart of “Bring It Here, Baby”. Her expressive delivery is lined with grit, bolstered by the richness of her low tone. There’s an undeniable essence of blues and soul within the hooky melodies, full of musicality and variation. Some start low, from the depths of her range, while others launch her voice into a bright, high register bursting with color. With the addition of background vocals in the chorus, the song even has notes of gospel.

Petrella tells a story with the combination of these winding melodies and her vibrant voice, infusing “Bring It Here, Baby” with a soulful strength. Amongst these classic influences, there are pop notes in the country-soul song. The rhythmic composition of the vocals, as well as the captivating delivery, instantly draw listeners in to sing along:

“Bring it here, baby

Let me show you how to shake it down…”

“Bring It Here, Baby” is a dynamic and catchy tune, full of soulful influences and instrumental joy. Petrella’s bold performance is infectiously joyous, with all the makings of a country-pop hit.

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About Petrella

Petrella Ann Bonner (born April 15, 1947) is an American country music singer, songwriter, music producer and actor. She universally is known as "The First Lady of Country Soul" and is recognized as a barrier-breaking artist in country music, as she was one of the first black female artists in the genre. Petrella, has released eight studio albums. Her most recent offering – the critically acclaimed Songs of Many Colors - was released July 1.

Several of Petrella’s songs have appeared on the Top 100 Country Singles charts. She was named “Songwriter of the Year” in 1994 by the Tennessee Songwriters Association International. Petrella has opened for headliners such as The Spinners, Billy Vera and the Beaters, The Delfonics and Gladys Knight. Her first single was Blues Stay Away From Me, written by legendary trumpet player, s

Songwriter, arranger and producer Henry Glover, who’s also from Hot Springs. I Found Somebody was her highest-charting single and was written by Glen Frey of the Eagles. In 2016, Petrella was listed in Essence magazine as one of the “18 Black Country Singers You Need to Know.”

For more information about Petrella, First Lady of Country-Soul, please visit her website.


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