• Bryon Harris

Pontiac Alley- 'My Heart Said So'

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“My Heart Said So” has everything you could want in a country song and more. A bouncy rhythm section and emotional dobro melodies support a lovely duet by Chellanie and Potter, whose vocal styles blend together perfectly. They both bring something special to the table here and showcase their respective strong suits with seemingly effortless execution. Strong lyrics and catchy hooks grab listeners and present them with a song that continues to evolve from beginning to end. A dobro solo tugs on the heartstrings while vocal harmonies will have you singing along.

Lyrically, “My Heart Said So” is a love song chalk full of beautifully poetic lines. “Where a sweeter wind blows, we’re gonna go…Because my Heart Said So.” The faith and abandon to whims of emotion creates an inspiring vision in the listener’s mind. “I don’t have to wonder, deep in love I’m going under.” Romantic without being sappy, this song walks a razors edge and carves out fresh statements within a tale as old as time.

“My Heart Said So” features a subtly brilliant arrangement. Beginning with a solo shaker and introducing dobro before lyrics gives the song a stripped down and raw feeling that is preserved even during peak dynamic moments. The vocal arrangement belies fine attention to detail. Listeners will love how the story unfolds through two points of view, ultimately creating a single narrative. Understated but masterfully done, “My Heart Said So” is a powerful piece of art.


About Pontiac Alley

PontiacAlley began right after Ben Potter produced Chellanie's solo record in 2015. A musical connection began and PontiacAlley was born.

It started out with Ben working as Chellanie's guitarist on her solo tour but then shortly turned in to a duo and thus became the start of "PontiacAlley". They released "Highway 99" in 2019 and have been working steady since.

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