• Bryon Harris

Power & Light Co. - 'Yellow Desert Sun'

Review by Daniel Deprè & Staff

“Yellow Desert Sun” is a spacious and light Alt-Rock song with a strong emotional core and a unique sound. This is the kind of song that is easy to sing along with and it has very relatable lyrics. Power & Light Co. strike a perfect balance with “Yellow Desert Sun” where it has a chill and relaxed vibe, yet it also boasts a big powerful sound. This is especially the case in the chorus sections which are very satisfying and cathartic. Catchy melodies combined with a great mix make “Yellow Desert Sun” something you can’t miss.

Lyrically, Power & Light Co. are singing about the sweet moments of true love that often end up feeling all too brief. The phrasing of the lyrics is very short and sweet as well, and they are delightfully cryptic and creative. “The coffees hot, to clear my head, certain thoughts, are better left unsaid.” The lyrics really draw you in without giving too much away, allowing you to relate to them in your own way while also experiencing the imagery that is accompanied with the lyrics. “The freon cold, a motel room, in this silence, plastic flowers bloom.”

The instrumentation of “Yellow Desert Sun” really provides the gentle but larger than life sound and it’s got solid production. The mixing on the drums is interesting, giving the cymbals a lot of room in the mix. This provides some really nice background textures while also adding to the songs monumental sense of space. The guitars have an ethereal quality to them that gives “Yellow Desert Sun” a very unique color. Sitting comfortably on top is the vocals which are deep and tender. He sings in such a calm way, allowing the tracks energy to come from the instrumentals. “Yellow Desert Sun” is a solid Alt-Rock jam that boasts an impressive sound and creative lyrics.

Power & Light Co. From Albany New York, Power & Light Co. is an indie synth duo. Look for them online on band camp, Spotify and Instagram! Connect on Facebook for more information.


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