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Precious Perez - 'Agua De Valencia'

Review by Victoria Scott & Staff

“Agua De Valencia” is a Latin love ballad of great beauty and temperament. The song opens with a whimsical intro with forest sounds and flourishing vocals. The complexity of the arrangement allows for a great build-up within the instruments and an engaging performance. The alto saxophone accents the melody. The rhythm section accompanies the vocals nicely with a Spanish rhythm and guitar riffs carry a blues melody over the vocals. There’s an elegant break down at the end with an acoustic guitar, alto sax and piano accompanying the gorgeous vocals.

Credits for the stellar performance go to Drummer, Josh Sebek; Electric Guitarist, Sam Barton; Bassist: Sophie Potrykus; Alto Saxist: Ellis Hamilton; Percussionists, Sergio Martinez and Shane Lowe; Pianist, Lea Washington; Acoustic Guitarist; Doug Batchelder and Backing Vocalsby Robin Snead

Precious Perez's love and respect for Valencia Spain and the beauty and wonder of the city shine through the music and lyrics. In addition, the song ties into her Puerto-Rican roots. The Spanish version of the chorus is: “Agua de Valencia, Eres mi preferencia. Cada momento contigo se siente cómo una luna de miel. Agua de Valencia. Agua de Valencia. Agua de Valencia, Tu eres mi preferencia. Cinco años. Cuanto te he conocido. La misma cantidad de tiempo es cuanto tiempo te amado. Me enamoré De mi mejor amigo, Esta bebida me recuerda a el, Porque tiene mi corazón.” The English interpretation is, “Water of Valencia, You are my preference, Every moment with you feels like a honeymoon. Valencia water. Valencia water. Water of Valencia, You are my preference. Five years. How much have I met you? The same amount of time is how much time I loved you. I fell in love with. From my best friend, This drink reminds me of him, Because he has my heart.” The romantic side of the song is in reference to her fiance.

Precious demonstrates exceptional musicianship and lyrical fluency. “Agua de Valencia” is a lively and upbeat song that will get you dancing. You will feel like you are part of the city beat and the romance. Precious’s use of blues, jazz, and Spanish rhythms blend perfectly together while showcasing Precious’s extraordinary musical talent, poetic lyrics, and delightful vocals.


About Precious Perez

Precious Perez is a classically trained pop/R&B and Latin vocalist/songwriter currently pursuing a double major in music education and vocal performance at Berklee College of Music.

Her goal is to make a difference through doing what she loves and showing the world that blind people are as capable as everyone else. She hopes to inspire future generations to pursue their dreams and be successful in the same way that she has, because she knows that anything is possible, and giving up is never an option.

As an activist and music educator, she will be able to make a difference by using her reach as a Puerto Rican Spanish speaker to crush stereotypes by sharing her experiences across cultures and doing what has not been done while advocating for all of the communities she represents. She is confident that she can lead; she can achieve; and she can be the one who alters the way people see.

For more information on Precious Perez, please visit her website.


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