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r. vega - 'Keeping On'

Review by Joe Patrick & Staff

The first thing you’ll notice when listening to “Keeping On” is the beautifully dialed in timbres and sounds that continue to evolve and captivate throughout the song. Breathy, airy synth lines open the track and breathe into a head bobbing trap beat and an indie-cool bass sound, complimented by a classic R&B style high register hook.

Vega’s vocals are spacy and interesting. She fluctuates between a soothing “story- telling” quality and an engaging, pacifying delivery during choruses. As with the instrumentation on this track, she keeps it chill while also communicating an intensity.

Lyrically, “Keeping On” contains an inspirational message. Above all a love song, it contains themes of perseverance and dedication which compliment the music and create a relentless feeling. A tale of lovers physically removed from one another, you can hear a longing in these lyrics. “Though distance hurts us, and shifting time zones pains me, Our love will endure, through time and space, baby”

The Climax of “Keeping On” has a great payoff. A new melodic theme is introduced in the bridge which creates a sense of departure and new ground. When Vega returns to the chorus she overlays the bridge melody and we hear both themes simultaneously.

When I first heard this I was completely swept away in the message and the music. Great sounds, driving and evolving rhythms, and brilliant arrangement techniques make “Keeping On” medicine for your troubles.

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About r. vega

r.vega is a 28 year-old classically trained musician, and full-time music educator from California. When she isn’t teaching or gigging, she enjoys exploring a wide variety of genres through her songwriting, as evident in her latest releases. Her influences include Coldplay, Zedd, Keane, Dua Lipa, Ed Sheeran, Miike Snow, and Troye Sivan (just to name a few). She frequently collaborates with other musicians, creative writers, and visual artists for each release. Her most recent release "Keeping On" is a testament to her creativity and talent.


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