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R.W. Roldan - 'Bad Love Pain'

R.W. Roldan's song "Bad Love Pain" can be fouind on BWH Music Group's latest compilation project 'Keepin It Coountry, Vol. One.' The compilation album features 17 songs by emerging independent country artists and R.W. is simply one of the best artists on the album.

"Bad Love Pain" is a song about fathers and daughters. It's the feelings you have when you see your daughter choosing the wrong guy and getting hurt. It's like you see the freight train coming, but all you can do is sing t about her "bad love pain." Just like you never forget your first love gone bad, "Bad Love Pain' is so well-written - you won't forget it. When you listen to R.W., you forget you are listening to an independent artist because he sounds like an artist you've known your whole life, someone famous. The track is exceptional with guitar solos that are equally impressive. There's a laid-back, mellow flow to the music as if the wise parent knows not to get too excited.

This is a song I listened to over and over because I loved it so much. It made me smile, laugh out loud and feel every word. R.W. is a great story-teller. He has a way of taking a slice of life and expressing it through small details that stay with you."Yea she's hurt, but not bad. Her prides a little bruised, but her hearts spittin' mad."

As far as Americana music, R.W. Roldan is the best find of the year.


For more information on R.W. Roldan, please visit his artist profile page on BWH Music Group. There you will find links to Billy's website, social media, videos and more.

For more information on 'Keepin' It Country, Vol. One' by Various Artists, please visit the album release page.

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