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Radio Drive - 'Humanity'

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Radio Drive’s “Humanity” is a masterfully crafted piece of music. From the moment the song begins, the drums, percussion, and electric piano bring fun energy that creates forward motion and draws you in. As the first verse is introduced, it is clear that lots of effort was put into creating beautiful harmonies in the background vocals. Little details are present throughout the song, including the lovely texture of a strummed guitar and soft strings that dip and swell impeccably.

Another subtle yet effective element in “Humanity” is the sense of contrast in the structure. There is often an abundance of sound in one measure, followed by a percussion solo in the next. This effect allows the music to pop, and introduces another dimension. Radio Drive also does a fantastic job in creating counterpoint between different sections of lyrics. This happens at the end of the song especially, as the lyrics of the bridge are quite literally laid over the chorus to create a grand, final feeling. “Humanity” isn’t just catchy and exciting; it’s epic.

Radio Drive’s lyrics yield an important message for today’s world and he sings with tasteful expression. The artist reminds the listener that amid an increasingly distant world, the key to solving the world’s problems starts with treating each other as equals. The point seems to be that the power of love is greater than we give it credit for or that love is a choice we can all make.

“There is more to the heart of man, / More than we will understand / A noble prince, a wretched fiend, / A choice to make, a life to lead”

“Humanity” is a beautiful ode to unity and love among the masses. The altruistic message Radio Drive conveys is reminiscent of some of the greats of the 60’s, namely the Beatles. Indeed, “Humanity” even includes tasteful references to the legendary British band. As the Beatles did in the 1960’s, Radio Drive’s “Humanity” should now act as a glowing standard for modern pop rock. Add it to your playlists now and enjoy it, songs like this don’t come around too often.


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About Radio Drive

Radio Drive is Kevin Gullickson’s solo career. Gullickson wanted to create an uplifting message and sound in his songwriting and call it “motivational rock”.

Radio Drive has been played on indie, college and online radio stations throughout the US, Canada and Europe.

His music has also been the subject of many nominations including Best Alternative Song of 2012 for his song “Never” by the Hollywood Music Awards.

Gullickson has been noticed by many Grammy Award Winning Producers such as Robert L. Smith and Stuart Epps. Many songs such as “Humanity” have music videos, and in the coming months, Gullickson hopes to create more videos.

“Radio Drive Creates Songs That Are Instantly Pleasurable.” – Skope Magazine

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