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Red56 - “It’s All Right”

Reviewed by Aaron Cloutier & Staff

High energy and undeniable groove sets the tone right out of the gate as the first few seconds of “It’s All Right” jump out of my speakers. The band is called “Red56” and though the music is without a doubt funky, it is played with a snarling rock attitude.

The first thing that strikes me are the horns. Big and bright with a whole bouquet of rich harmonics filling out the sonic spectrum courtesy of Buford O'Sullivan. My ear is then drawn to the funky guitar rhythms played by the impressively named Harris G. Thor. One channel drenched in wah pedal effects while the other remains pristine clean. The sense of pocket here is evident and is further complimented by sudden blasts of organ played by Lonnie Park.

The musical interplay between these two combined with the energetic bass lines of Freddy Villano give a lot for the ear to chose from without detracting from the song itself. I find myself hearing bass, organ and guitar coming together sporadically playing lines in unison before suddenly jump back to each of their respective posts.

The rhythm section is TIGHT with a capital T. Drummer Nate Horton lays out a solid foundation that is both hard hitting and driving while Freddy’s busy but tasty bass lines dance all around. This dude can play his ass off. Clearly, they’re all very accomplished. Singer Danielle Gorre is the last piece in the equation whose acrobatic vocal stylings range from soulful and soaring to at times even achieving a throaty rock style growl. Loads of passion and conviction come through in bounds in her impressive performance.

“It’s all Right” is a fun, funky little sonic jumpstart with stellar performances and a punchy crisp production. If that sounds like something up your alley, I think you will be pleased.


About Red56 Red56 is what happens when songwriting soulmates Danielle Gorre (vocals) and Freddy Villano (bass) connect and create (with help from a lot of their friends). Their debut album Eminence Funk features a total of 8 stellar tracks for you to fall in love with. Check out the talented list of musicians who helped make this album happen!

Musicians: Nate Horton - drums & percussion Harris G. Thor - guitar & lap steel Lonnie Park - keyboards Buford O'Sullivan - trombone & trumpet " Robert Hunter - congas Randy Pratt - blues harp Paula Murray Cole - melodica Jay Davidson - saxophone Stream on Spotify Connect on Facebook


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