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Reece Ratliff - 'Checkered Vans'

Review by Victoria Scott & Staff

Nostalgia and longing are triggered over a pair of Checkered Vans, a symbolism of youth and young love, in Reece Ratliff's vibrant song "Checkered Vans." At 17 years old, Reece Ratcliff knows a thing or two about young love, and a lot about music as he displays songwriting skills and a vocal performance that puts him at par with today's established acts.

The song's upbeat groove and luxurious vocals radiate true feelings of young love. The production by co-writer Matt Kass is electrifying with trance-pop beats, melodic synthesizers, and deep synth bass. The ramping of sounds explode with crisp beats and sexy, raspy vocals. Songwriters Reece, Matt, and Chris Roberts are fanatic; they draw you into the lyrics while you're having a blast listening to synthesized instruments and dynamic vocals.

There's always that one piece of clothing, a song, or place that reminds you of a significant moment with a lost love. When you see the object, hear the music, or enter that space, it takes you back to those classic days of carefree love. Reece Ratliff expresses memories of teenage love, and the overall connection everyone has when falling in love for the first time, through a nostalgic pop song with a pop-rock beat and a "Panic at the Disco" vibe. The nostalgic themes and energetic impulses drive the song.

“The ones that made you dance on the hood of your dad’s new Benz. In the rain, our song on the radio. You and me holding hands. Damn those checkered Vans. So, when you coming by, when you coming by, remember you and I, when you coming by, when you’ coming by. To get your checkered Vans. I know you love your checkered Vans."

Reece Ratliff is young, yet highly polished, singer, performer, and original songwriter. His song, “Checkered Vans”, captivates and has the makings of hit single. Reece has a unique way of drawing people into his pop-rock world using imagery, sound and emotion, to leave a long lasting impression... sort of like that pair of Checked Vans.

About Reece Ratliff

17-year old Reece Ratliff picked up his first guitar at the age of two, took guitar lessons in grade school, and shined in his local chapter of School of Rock playing the classics from the Beatles to AC/ DC in the school’s prestigious house band, DE-Team.

Drawing on his own musical influences, such as Christian French and Lauv, Ratliff began expressing himself through songwriting. After releasing his debut EP, I’ll Take The Fall, at 16, Ratliff set out on the road by himself for a 21-city tour, “hero’s journey,” a month-long acoustic set performed across the eastern half of the United States. Crashing on friends’ and strangers’ couches, much of his new material was inspired on the road.

During his stop in Nashville, Tennessee, he began the process of redefining his sound, writing and recording his most recent single, “Cruise Control,” which has since amassed over 200,000 streams on Spotify.

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