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Rick & Friends - "Livin' Day To Day"

Updated: Sep 8

Review by Patrick Joseph

“Livin’ Day to Day” is a swampy, emotional song with soul and energy. The spirited lyrics will have you rooting along with Rick and Friends. You're sure to be cranking up the volume on this anthem. This is a song with peaks and valleys, it evolves into a total stadium sing-along. Listeners will love the lyrical themes and the downright badass sound achieved by Rick and Friends. The raw and honest nature of the music is undeniable. "Livin' Day to Day" reaches a variety of emotional heights…if you have a heart this one will get you.

Lyrically, “Livin’ Day to Day” speaks truth to power. These lyrics highlight the experience of being a worker in today’s America.

“Been clockin’ at the grind for the family, Somebody’s pockets lined and none of it’s for me, Those in charge don’t care they just pretend.”

Rusty delivers these lyrics like an old friend telling you the truth.

"Sometimes you're up, Sometimes you're down, One day the ditch, the next a crown…Now it's Livin’ Day to Day the best I can.

Relatable and honest, these lyrics tell the familiar tale of living and working in the modern era.

The arrangement of “Livin’ Day to Day” is evidence that Rick and Friends have a lot to say. The band sounds killer on the more aggressive sections and softens up on the more sensitive parts. Rick belts out the tune start to finish, always on point and always singing in a relatable way. “Livin’ Day to Day” will appeal to the “everyman.” If you’re out in the world doing the best you can, this song will speak to your experience and give voice to your struggle. “Livin’ Day to Day” is an uplifting and powerful musical statement, a truly engaging song that belongs on your everyday playlist.


About Rick And Friends

Seasoned professionals, Rick Drevet and Mark Pappalardo collaborate on a new musical venture. Their vast musical and life experiences energizes them to create classics that will stand the test of time. They share a life and values philosophy of pulling from actual experiences. Reaching deep into their hearts and souls, to find creative and poetic ways to convey these true stories to you, their fans. They sincerely hope you find their journey moving, entertaining and enjoyable. About The Music: Hook filled, catchy tunes based in a Rock-Southern Rock-Blues blended style all their own. Soaring vocal harmonies, soul-stirring lyrics that draw you into the story, flanked by dual guitars and a beat that will have your head rocking and foot tapping! Career Highlights Rick Drevet: (Songwriter Guitar, Bass, Dobro, keys)who has played in multiple cover and original bands spanning the country. Having shared the stage with EZO, Enuff Z Nuff, Badlands, Jake E Lee, Dokken, Cinderella and Sebastian Bach, Rick has gained a great appreciation for putting feeling into notes. His songs have been nominated for several awards. Having built and operated a profitable recording studio, Rick learned firsthand how to get the best from artists including himself. A self-described “Tone Junkie” Rick strives to make each song speak to you on a personal basis. Mark “Boomer” Pappalardo: (songwriter, drums) He started at a very young age and came up through the L.A. music scene and is a graduate of the Musicians Institute in Hollywood where he was privileged to have studied with the likes of Buddy Rich, Joe Porcarro, Steve Smith and Todd Sucherman. He has appeared on multiple recordings from 4 major labels, and has performed with and for many top industry acts including but not limited to, Tim Bogart, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Flee, Stevie Wonder, Mickey Thomas, James “Jimmy” Cleaver, Kevin DeBrow, and many others, as well as having shared the stage with the likes of Van Halen, Stryper, Poison, Motley Crue, The Pretenders, Y&T, and a host of others. He also received the “Who’s Who in Music” award. Rusty Wright: (Vocals): Reared in the fertile musical environment that included spinning his auto plant worker dad’s vast collection of vintage Blues records and playing guitar in his mother’s touring gospel group at 13, Rusty Wright knew from an early age what he was born to do.

Decades of writing, recording, performing, and touring have honed Rusty’s skills to be one of the most respected songwriter and singer in the Blues rock scene. Years of experience as a touring substitute musician introduced him to a wide range of playing styles and techniques and he incorporates these into his incendiary vocal work and high energy live shows which lean heavily on musical improvisation“I have a lot of influences. I don't just fit in one little space. My primary focus is Blues, but I'm not afraid to experiment especially if taking the Blues farther down the road means the music will appeal to a younger generation. I'm not afraid to incorporate elements of other styles of music so long as the product retains that feeling of passion. I never want to lose the passion and the joy and the pain of music expression.” Bill Adams: Bass on Cold Steel Blues and Forever Home Based in: St. Peters, Missouri

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