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Robin Gabriell - Providence Serenade

Written by Victoria Scott & Staff

Robin Gabrielle's song “Providence Serenade” off her new album Something Different (coming out in 2020), is a wonderful R&B/hip-hop, electrotonic fusion ballad. Robin’s song has musical substance for the discerning ear and enticing melodies and lovely vocals for everyone.

The introduction of the song starts with a futuristic and magnetic heavy beat and bass dip, with sultry and raspy vocals allaying the first verse. Robin’s writing, arranging and performing is remarkable. She has a talent for arranging a complex instrumental section with a funky rhythm section, electronically synthesized effects, melodic embellishments, and layered harmonic vocals. Producers King Kemet and Alex K. designed an intriguing, and smooth R&B ballad that has such a tender message.

“Providence Serenade” is inspired by the Tommy Dorsey’s hit “Manhattan Serenade” from the 1940’s and the idea that we can be inspired by the past but live in the present. Robin sings the chorus, “At the Providence Serenade The statues sing a lullaby, And the wind blows each kiss away The Providence Serenade, (Nowhere else I’d rather be), Is the only place I’d rather be, than with you holding me, At the Providence Serenade.” The "Providence Serenade" is entrancing as Robin sings about an amazing night of romance. It is a night to remember, a wonderful time with someone you love.

Robin’s song “Providence Serenade” from her up and coming album Something Different is a breakout song that highlights her artistry. As a new artist, she is developing her sound, which comes through in her vocals, lyrical interpretation, and unique style of hip-hop fusion. The lyrics alone are exquisitely written and heartfelt. Robin has a way of taking a seemingly simple emotion and expanding it to show it’s complexity.


About Robin Gabrielle

Robin Gabrielle is a singer–songwriter who knew she had an interest in music from the age of 5. She began writing music around the age of 11 and started playing the piano at the age of 14. Her inspiration comes from artists such as Aaliyah, Ella Fitzgerald, and Glenn Miller.

Robin recently graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Music Business Management from Berklee College of Music with a focus in Vocal Performance. While she was attending Berklee, Robin began working on her first project entitled “Something Different” which is set to release in 2020.

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