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Rocky Michaels - 'Be The Change'

Review by Patrick Joseph

Rocky Michaels delivers a powerhouse rock-ballad in the emotionally charged “Be The Change.” Inspiring and energizing, this song is truly an uplifting experience.

The music is as sweeping as the lyrical content, offering a huge sound over a beautiful chord progression. Michaels’ vocal performance is engaging and dynamic. Listeners will love his improvisations and embellishments. The band is rock solid and the song is well written…there is a lot to like about “Be The Change.” Offering a compelling journey from beginning to end, this song is sure to stay with you.

Lyrically, “Be The Change” is packed full with positive and proactive sentiments.

“Maybe you can't change the world, but you can drop a pebble in the water for those ripples to appear."

Rocky Michaels is convincing and earnest with his vocal delivery, making these lyrics even more effective.

“You can be the one who's lifting the weight off the shoulder, gifting some relief to help another get by.”

The beautiful music is matched with beautiful lyrics.

“Be The Change” is highly effective in its mission to jolt listeners awake and imbue them with a sense of purpose and possibility. The song begins with an emotional piano supporting Michaels’s vocals. The wide open space in the music draws listeners in and creates anticipation.

The second verse kicks it up a notch with a double time drum groove. This song builds beautifully from beginning to end. Michaels delivers a star-powered vocal performance in this anthemic song which will have you on your feet singing along. Simply put, "Be The Change" is a winner.


About Rocky Michaels

Rocky Michaels is a California born acoustic singer-songwriter. He began playing piano at age 5 and crafted his skills into songwriting throughout high school.

In May of 2022, Rocky was named as a finalist for 'U.S. Male Rising Star of the Year', 'Album of the Year', 'Music Video of the Year' and 'Emerging Artist of the Year' by the International Singer Songwriter's Association (https://issasongwriters.com/). In May of 2021, Rocky was named as a finalist for "U.S. Male Rising Star of the Year" by the International Singer Songwriter's Association (https://issasongwriters.com/).

In December of 2020, Rocky was voted "Male Artist of the Year" by CFAB Music Realm Promotions.(https://www.facebook.com/groups/cfabmusicrealm/permalink/511042436493927/)

With a number of new songs currently in the pipeline, Rocky is excited to continue tapping into his life experiences to offer honest lyrics in storytelling that audiences have found to be both engaging and relatable.

To learn more about Rocky Michaels visit his website


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