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Rosco Johnny – In Trio 3

By Sylvie Marie & Staff

Rosco Johnny have released the third installment of their “In Trio” project featuring three new, amazing folksy tunes for you to fall in love with. The first song off the EP is “Drive” featuring Phil Kaeggy. The song captures the feeling of loading up the car with your band and hitting the road to tour around the country The arrangement of bright, acoustic guitar strumming and minimal percussion rides the down beat and lays down an up-beat groove that lifts your spirits. The dense harmony of the hook is a real treat to the ears that adds immense energy to the track. Making time for a sweet electric guitar solo, “Drive” is definitely a tune you will be coming back to.

Up next, the trio follows up with the delicate, reminiscent “The Place We Used To Go.” Soft, warm guitar arpeggiations meet the sweet singing of strings creating a feeling of yearning before the first words are sung. Progressing forward, the light accents of harmony and steady drum beat bolster the feel of the song with a slight pop sensibility. Both solemn and heartwarming, “The Place We Used To Go” is sure to be a fan favorite.

“I’ll be waiting right here for ya baby / With the light turned on like you’re coming home / I’ll be waiting right here for ya baby / At the door of the place we used to go.”

They finish of the EP with their song, “My Dying Bed” featuring Buddy Greene. The soulful harmonica melodies add a pleasant new feel to the EP, acting almost as a fourth raspy voice that acts a call and response to the trio. With little to percussion throughout most of the song, “My Dying Bed” has a more open feel to the arrangement while keeping the dense, lush sound of their vocal harmony.

Always pulling from various aspects of Americana music, Rosco Johnny succeeds beyond measure in creating a sound that eclectically brings together staple sounds of blues, folk, country, and rock.

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About Rosco Johnny

Rosco Johnny offers “Texas Folk with a Shot of Country” by way of their powerful, interweaving harmonies and infectious stage presence.The Rosco Johnny trio explores the great traditions of folk, roots rock, and country. This family trio consisting of Justin Brooks, Tiffany Brooks (husband and wife), and Morgan Taylor (Tiffanyʼs brother) transport the listener to the familiar comfort of the front porches and deep woods of their roots. Beginning as a vehicle to provide backing vocals to Justinʼs solo career, they discovered something special in their harmonies and took on the name, “Rosco Johnny” after Tiffany and Morganʼ s grandfather, who professed his love for his wife, his God, his country music, and his harmonica until his dying day. They have released their debut EP “In Trio” on Southern Skye Records working with Grammy-nominated producer, Billy Smiley in Nashville. Off the EP, "Bag of Stone" is a great way to get aquainted with the trio's talent.


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