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Rose Alaimo - 'The Sound'

Review Written by Victoria Scott & Staff

“The Sound" is a folk love ballad from Rose Alaimo’s album The Importance of Centers. The song starts with a muted guitar and the light brush of percussion, providing a nice rhythmic foundation for the vocals to build upon. Soon the acoustic guitar opens up with nice finger-style guitar picking.

Rose enters singing with an angelic, expressive vocal that captures your attention. In the chorus, her soft wistful vocals have echo and reverb effects that yield a mesmerizing performance full of longing.

The arrangement of "The Sound" is well conceived. The lyrical lines flow beautifully over the pristine guitar arrangement; the vocals float over the mix like a soft breeze. A nice guitar lead adds a tasteful instrumental section and vocal harmonies give the song depth.

Rose depicts a sincere honesty in "The Sound" as she explores vulnerable feelings and an insecure heart that wants to let go, but is filled with the uncertainty of being loved back. She asks, "Is this the sound of my heart?" as she wonders if true love is emerging and how she should respond to her feelings. Her lyrics are intimate.

“Another happy day with you / I don’t know, should I let you go or if I hold on / will you hold me too?”

Rose writes from the heart. Her subdued and expressive vocals perfectly capture the song's poetic tone. Her artistry is true folk and Americana blending stylish guitar playing with meaningful lyrics . Rose is a multi-talented musician. She has written, produced and performed a heartfelt piece of work that shares "the sound" of her soul.

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About Rose Alaimo

Rose Alaimo is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Ithaca, NY. She began writing songs on her family’s piano when she was 5 years old, and was heartbroken when the piano had to be sold when her family moved out of town. At 13 she learned the bass, which she quickly mastered, but a persistent songwriting bug could not find expression via the bass, so she began to learn the guitar. She tried (and quit) three times before finally committing to it at age 16.

Rose's first independent solo album, “The Importance of Centers,” was released internationally though CDBaby in May 2019. She wrote, performed, recorded and produced it herself. Conceptually it deals with the idea that we live in a world without a shared moral center and the problems that may arise from this, specifically with regards to relationships.

In November 2019 she released a Christmas single, “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.” Her music, specifically her vocals, have been most often described as “honest,” and she has repeatedly been compared to the late Dolores O’Riordan of the Cranberries.

Currently, Rose is writing songs for her next two albums, anticipating one to be a heavier rock album, and the other, quiet and acoustic-based. When she is not doing music she enjoys growing vegetables, reading huge books, hiking, and working as a full-time veterinarian.


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