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Roxanne – ‘Take A Ride’

Review Written by Ionas Finser, Matt Wong & Staff

In advance of Love Rebel, her upcoming debut solo pop and dance album coming this year, Roxanne shares "Take A Ride", her brand new second solo single. "Take A Ride" has thought of everything, from a satisfyingly acidic bass that keeps you on your toes, to a use of backing vocals that is purely genius. As electric, ambient voices echo between phrases, you are pulled in helplessly to this exciting new hit. “Take A Ride” demonstrates the fact that a song doesn’t have to be fast in order to create motion. A steady beat combined with a fast-paced, rich harmonic environment gives the listener all they need to go on a joyride through thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

The song’s lyrics capture the steady warmth of love despite great physical distances. In a message that we can all relate to, Roxanne’s voice shines through with masterful expression and power, evoking the deepest emotions we hold inside ourselves. With these lyrics, Roxanne wants the listener to channel the spiritual and emotional connection, as well as the essence of love in the absence of the physical state.

“I would of never gone If I would of known That it would take this long To have you beside me”

“Take A Ride” is a groundbreaking portrayal of infallible talent, and an insightful take on long-distance love. Roxanne has taken our hearts for a ride without thinking twice and has left us with a truly catchy melody to occupy our minds in awaiting her next release. Look no further than the dynamic Roxanne to spice up life for the coming future. With this song, Roxanne shows us that she is making waves, and moving to the forefront of the indie music scene. Shout out to the musicians and engineers on this fantastic production.

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About Roxanne

Living her passion in music, Roxanne, a Canadian singer-songwriter, performing artist, recording artist and independent music producer from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, is always pushing her creative limits forward. While earning her degree in music performance in classical music and opera, and education, Roxanne began her career as a solo vocalist and as a chorister with various local music ensembles and theater companies throughout North America’s prestigious stages, including Ottawa’s National Arts Center, and New York’s Carnegie Hall.

Expanding her musical repertoire exploring African folk music, Afrobeat, reggae and soca music, Roxanne performed as a lead and back-up singer for various local and international artists and bands. Pushing her love of world rhythms further, Roxanne became the singer-songwriter, music producer, and leading woman of her reggae band, Nile Groove, distinguished in sound with their fusion of reggae music with elements of soul, pop, jazz, blues, rock, funk, and disco.

Performing in festivals, special events, and legendary nightclubs with Nile Groove, Roxanne captured fans with her incredible voice, her commanding presence, and her infectious music including her 2014 single “Without You”, her 2016 debut album “Uncovered”, her 2017 single “Why It Gotta Hurt So Bad”, and her 2017 “Insatiable” album with Nile Groove. Gaining international airplay from her original releases, and being featured on the airwaves, in interviews, on television, and in press at home and abroad including a feature in Boston-based 2015 Skope Magazine’s spring edition, CBC Radio, ICI Television, CKCU FM, CHUO FM, CHIN FM, Blast The Radio, and on satellite radio across the globe, Roxanne also ranked in the top five vocalists in the International Singer Universe “Best Vocalist Of The Month – September 2017″ Competition based in Los Angeles. Her song “Do You Mean What You Say” from her “Uncovered” album with Nile Groove was also placed in “Darkness Has Covered My Light”, a 2017 Chicago-based independent film produced by Brian Naydol from Pulp Production Films.

A prolific songwriter, Roxanne is writing, recording, and producing her third album with Nile Groove set to be released in 2021. In June 2019, Roxanne gave fans a soundbite of her upcoming solo sound with the release of “Like Suga”, her daring 80’s synth pop debut dance-electronica solo single, creating buzz across the globe.