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RW Roldan - Hey Girl

Review by April Kranz & Staff

Valentine’s Season is upon us and you know what that means: love songs! Born in Jersey and raised on the west coast, R.W. Roldan’s heart has always belonged to good ol’ country. Known to take the bulls by the horns when it comes to his storytelling, Roldan pulls influences from the classic of Americana, Blues, and Southern styles. With the help of Max Allyn’s production skills, and the musical talents of Eamon Ryland and Jenna Blake, Roldan croons to a former lover looking for another chance at romance. Love is in the air folks!

Hey Girl starts with nostalgic steel guitar, some acoustic comping underneath, and laid back drums to set the mood for the hero of our story. Roland serenades his long lost lover with scenes of summer romance, intimate moments shared between the two, and asking his girl if the best love songs are still played in cars (yes R.W., they are!).

We go through our AABA form, and dive slowly into a steel guitar solo that would make any hardened cowboy shed a tear. The song ends as softly as it opens, and while there isn’t a ton of movement throughout the piece, it isn’t needed. We have a short and sweet country ballad that plays and sings from the heart; Roldan captures more than a moment in this song, he captures what it feels like to yearn for someone from your past.

“Hey Girl,

Do you still think the good guys should always wear white?

And Hey Girl,

Would you care to spend some life with me tonight?

And Hey Girl,

Do you still think the leaves on the trees sparkle like stars?

And are the best love songs still played in cars?”

If you’re looking for a sweet country Valentine’s Day, let R.W. Roldan be the voice of your heart this year. With his down to earth vocals and heart-painting lyrics, he seems to have mastered getting any icy exterior to melt as it stays chilly, even one of a flame from the past.

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About RW Ray Roldan Ray Roldan was born in Jersey, raised in L.A. by a biker dad (killed when he was 6),a teen mom, and show biz grand parents. Today, Ray is an actor, artist, poet, Navy Vet, father and husband. He has released 4 Americana/ Alt-Country albums to date, and he's currently working on his 5th album to be released in 2022. His songs have enjoyed extensive airplay across the planet. Ray is a prolific, creative artist who's always looking for his next creative high, and he has worked with some of the best artists in the biz.


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