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Sam L. Smith - 'Teach Me How to Love Again'

Reviewed by Aaron Cloutier & Staff

“Teach Me How to Love Again” from singer/songwriter Sam L. Smith is a soaring contemporary country ballad with all the fixings that any fan of the genre will feel right at home with instantly.

As I mentioned, all the county trappings are out in full force on this one. From a nice contrast of both acoustic and slide guitar, to bass lines so in the pocket, I almost thought it was just the kick drum. That is what you call a tight rhythm section!

Of course country wouldn’t be country without that distinctive vocal twang. Smith’s vocal delivery is heartfelt and emotive, expressing a deep yearning with a warm round tone and a sound that is mature behind his years. Sam can stand toe-to-toe with today's country stars.

What was surprising to my ear was the inclusion of very subtle synths tucked away in the background. It serves to elevate the melancholy, yet optimistic nature of the subject matter. “Teach Me To Love Again’ boasts a pristine level of production as well. The instruments are incredibly well recorded are very well balance in the mix. Nothing competes over each other and allows for the vocals and message to take center stage.

Let’s get into that actually. “Teach Me How to Love Again” to me is a lamentation of sorts. A story depicting someone who’s loved and lost and yet, is hopeful to start over again. The lyrics lay it all out on the table without beating around the bush or leaving much up to guessing. I thought the line “Help me see the light make it through the night and believe again” in particular conveyed a series of emotions that anyone who’s loved and lost can immediately relate to. From the pain of the initial loss to the very real fear of the vulnerability that comes with putting yourself out there again.

Ultimately, an ideal song for any country fan who’s coming back from closing one romantic chapter and looking to begin a new one, Sam L. Smith could be the next big thing in classic country.

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About Sam L. Smith

While Nashville is filled with country singers with down-home cred, few can say they are a real singing cowboy, as from times past. SamL. Smith, an 18-year-old Country and Christian Country Recording Artist based in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky brings that true-country essence to the music scene, as he releases his debut single, “The Way You Make Feel” in May of 2020. A wonderful song that has already made a major splash on the independent country music charts. On any given weekend you are likely to find Sam racing his horse in a barrel event, striving to make every turn clean and fast, or singing at a Sunday morning service, seeking to touch every heart.

Sam says his interest in singing all began when he missed a school bus ride on one of his first few days of 7th grade, and the assistant principal, hearing Sam’s rich talking voice, called the school’s choir teacher to get him an audition. Keying in on Sam’s natural singing talent, his new choir teacher gave Sam one of his first solo opportunities, singing Elvis’ “Blue Christmas” at the choir’s annual Christmas concert. A Facebook video of this event actually began Sam’s music career, as members of various churches viewed it and started calling him to come and sing for them! Looking for material, young Sam came across Josh Turner’s “Long Black Train” and he made it part of his repertoire. As he belted it out with many of Turner’s inflections, it drew comparisons of Sam to Josh Turner. Artists need to be unique, however, and Sam has certainly grown to be. At only 19 years of age, Sam’s vocals, stage presence and personality are those of a seasoned performer. His devout and country lifestyle resonates in each line of his vocals. Any performance by SamL. Smith will leave you wanting more from this fine young man.

Sam has been named the 2017 National Barrel Horse Association Idol Winner, 2020 Kentucky Future Farmers of America Association Talent Winner, 2020 Kentucky FBLA Talent Winner, and in the Top 3 of the National Future Farmers of America Talent Winner. Currently, Sam is gathering songs for a new EP for release in the coming months.


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