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Sam McLeod - 'Baby Love'

Reviewed by Aaron Cloutier & Staff

“Baby Love” from singer-songwriter and producer Sam McLeod is a hauntingly beautiful homage to love, perseverance, and new beginnings all wrapped up in an impressive sonic package that will melt your heart and keep your ears locked in.

The sound is, in a word, ethereal. The clean guitars and vocals, both courtesy of McLeod, are awash in a stream of reverb to great effect. Add in the subtle but tightly played percussion by Garrett P Tyler along with the fluid low end brought out by bassist Travis Ward Law and it creates a feeling of lightness. Almost as if floating, this kind of emotional buoyancy compliments the subject matter perfectly.

This same kind of ethereal, spiritual like vibe reminds me of U2’s “The Joshua Tree” actually. McLeod's song is incredibly emotive and celebratory in nature. It is both pensive and powerful, intimate and transcending. It’s not surprising that the inspiration was taken from the birth of McLeod’s daughter. His lead vocals are beautifully performed as his tenor voice, clear and controlled, blooms with love and expression as he sings,

“Darling, our baby girl, my world

She’s crazy, she’s like my love, my baby my baby love”

Musically speaking, McLeod takes risks and colors outside the lines using an interesting take on a folk song structure which is in essence, a series of repeating verses typically. “Baby Love” however, diverges from this traditional model, incorporating instead various refrains as well as a bridge section. This keeps the song engaging and drives it forward.

In short, “Baby Love” is a soothing balm to listeners ears. It captures something spiritual, full of life and love. Written, performed and produced by a songwriter who knows how to capture and contain delicate yet intense emotions, McLeod's song is an ethereal gift.

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About Sam McLeod

A Nashville native, SamMcLeod has been singing since he was a little boy in a small town called Smyrna, TN. He spent a lot of his childhood covering Radiohead songs and writing sappy love songs. As a singer-songwriter, he has a well-developed alto tenor range and a unique melodic style in songwriting. He released his debut EP “Introduction to Dreaming” (an alternative-rock project) in 2015 - a collection of songs written about his childhood and the growing pains of life. Sam then lived overseas in Melbourne, Australia for five years - opening for various local artists and leading worship for several church movements/events. Over time, Sam’s style has matured into an indie-folk sound that creates a graceful fusion of influences like Ethan Gruska, Leeland, James Vincent McMorrow, and Jarryd James. His artistry is one that pierces the heart with enthralling lyrics and captivating vocals.


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