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SAT Game - "Is No Quit"

Review by Daniel Deprè

“Is No Quit” is a classic hip hop track with a fun 80’s inspired synthetic flare. This makes for an exceptionally bright and airy track that, unlike most hip-hop, isn’t aggressively low-end focused. The beat is still strong and solid, creating a catchy rhythm that will make you groove back and forth in your seat. The energy of the track is restrained but it pays off in allowing the listener to focus on the lyrics that are so expertly crafted.

The lyrics of “Is No Quit” are uplifting and hopeful. The chorus lyrics use the word “shine” to refer to a person who is truly being themselves. SAT GAME is reminding us that even though life’s obstacles, only we can make ourselves shine. The lyrics in the verses are clever and poignant, pulling from common everyday struggles and framing them with creative comparisons.

“Baby girl lost with no guy, and waiting for her next trick, one way, she made a wrong turn”

There is undeniable confidence in SAT GAME’s lyrics and they are truly infectious.

The arrangement is minimal, but it has everything it needs. The main chordal synth that plays throughout is wonderfully bright. It has a fun phasing quality to it that creates a subtle sense of movement even when the chord is just being held out. The synth bass is low in the mix, but it creates a catchy rhythm that operates beneath the song more passively. This allows the listener to remain focused on SAT GAME’s vocals. His singing in the chorus is easy enough to sing along to while also having an interesting rhythm to make it fun to sing along with as well. His rapping is focused and clean. Never going too fast but also never going too slow. “Is No Quit” is a unique hip-hop track that truly shines much like the lyrics encourage the listener to do.

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About SAT Game SAT Game is a hip-hop artist out of Detroit, Michigan. Listeners first fell in love with his sound back in 2014 when he dropped, Heart of a Warrior, Vol. 1 (under SAT Game). Since then he’s bolstered his catalog with numerous singles from “My Shit So Cold” to “Niggas Mad Cause Dey Pockets Little” as well an LP, My Bentley So Cold. Within each of his tracks, listeners can find everything from lyrical finesse to raw hip hop ideals. Now he is back on his grind, showing that nobody can stop his shine with his latest single "Is No Quit." SAT Game’s music is available around the world, including Australia and Mexico.


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