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Saylor Dollar - 'Do What I Want'

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“Do What I Want” is an expressive and powerful country-rock song. Instrumental prowess and vocal aptitude combine with catchy songwriting to deliver a strong musical punch. The song’s overall energy is driving and serious without ever feeling overpowering. Dynamic performances capture a passion for the music while the lead vocal adds a convincing layer of emotion.

Lyrically, “Do What I Want” is empowering and freewheeling. “Go on say what you want to, I don’t give a damn.” The sentiment of these lyrics matches the care-free sound of the music perfectly. “And I’ve gotten real good at dodging all them stones, I’m not living to please you, I do it my own way.” The passionate delivery of these lyrics underscores their authenticity. “I do what I do, take some advice, that I have for you, and do the same.” Timeless wisdom in a timeless song.

The arrangement of “Do What I Want” elevates the song through its use of classic country melodic lines, powerful bridge, and exciting solos. Lively interaction between the rhythm section and lead players is intriguing throughout. Fiddle and electric guitar deliver stellar performances over an emotive rhythm section. The lead vocal is engaging and charged, offering an endearing quality which permeates the music. Overall, “Do What I Want” is a fun song chock-full of attractive elements.

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About Saylor Dollar

Saylor Dollar, the distinctive band from Tallahassee, Florida, has an eclectic sound that defies the constraints of genre. Inspired by a broad spectrum of tunings and musical influences, their style may be best characterized as Americana with hints of blues, rock, and country.

The band: Dale Dollar (guitarist/composer/lyricist), Lisa Saylor Dollar (vocalist/fiddler/keyboardist/composer/lyricist), David Marsh (Percussionist), and David Schrenk (Bassist/Music Theorist).

Members of Saylor Dollar are life-long musicians with years of professional experience running the gamut from symphony orchestras to metal. Their collaboration with each other began in 2018. Together, they have established a growing fan base with thousands of followers and monthly listeners.

Dale and Lisa have released two Saylor Dollar acoustic albums, and the full band’s debut album, “Relentless,” is now available on all streaming platforms.

For more information, please visit Saylor Dollar's website:


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