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Scarlet - 'Memories

By Matt Wong & Staff

Scarlet was formed in Appleton Wisconsin in late June, 2017. The band was founded by Alexander “Zondo” Sendelbach- Elizondo who had a vision to bring a hard rock band to the state of Wisconsin and features Chris Caldie (bass), Luke Veranth (guitar), Zondo (vocals), and Ryan Thomas (drums). Their album, Split From Reality, was released on June 15, 2019. Off the album, the single “Memories” gained enough traction that the band attracted the attention of R.I.N.D Records. After a few months a deal was reached between R.I.N.D and Scarlet on December 12, 2019. "Memories" is a great way to introduce yourself to Scarlet's talent.

“Memories” begins with a soothing acoustic guitar intro supported by bass. The vocals join in on the first verse, and the arrangement choice creates an intimate living room listening experience for the listener. The drums join in with the first chorus, though the band holds back dynamically with the drums playing lightly and with a cross stick on the back beat.

The second verse employs additive orchestration with an organ playing a counter line to the melody as the song moves towards the second chorus. The band puts the pedal to the metal on the second chorus with doubled electric guitars entering and the band as a whole going all out dynamically.

A moving and tasteful guitar solo follows the second chorus and the song ends with a full sounding double chorus. The guitar solos plays hot licks that feel great, but don’t step on the vocal.

The lyrics in “Memories” are about losing somebody, and revisiting them in one’s memories. The band sings about how “Every time I hear your name, I go back to the place.” The lyric “I wish we could go back to the memories. Memories that are taunting to slip away” is a powerful and moving lyric.

“Memories” is a beautiful song full of emotion performed by a top notch band. The song’s melody is highly memorable and listeners will be able to connect to the band’s performance through the song’s lyrics. The band’s captivating musicianship and keen arranging ability is stellar and this is translated into the expressiveness of their music and message.

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