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Scott Edward Jones aka Funkysundayparty - "Sign Of The Apocalypse"

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“Sign of The Apocalypse” is an insistent song that exudes a seething intensity. This is truly infectious rock music with an inspirational message. Acoustic strumming and a tight rhythm section establish a driving groove over which Jones’s vocals can soar. An ultra-catchy chorus will have you singing along while instrumental and songwriting prowess keeps the music fresh from start to finish.

Lyrically, “Sign of The Apocalypse” puts an enthusiastic spin on the end of days.

“It’s the sign of the apocalypse, here we go here we go.”

You can hear confidence and acceptance in Jones’s vocal delivery.

“You heard me say that I recognize, The end of days with my own two eyes, Wake up now be identified, With a mark on your hand or one between your eyes.”

The energy of the music combines with the finality of the lyrical content in a remarkably satisfying way.

“Sign of The Apocalypse” demonstrates wisdom and high-level musical craftsmanship at every turn. Marvelous production values allow the track to rock hard while leaving plenty of space for a clearly defined vocal track. Jones’s energetic vocal style gives the music a sharp edge. An unexpected half-time bridge and perfectly executed dynamic swings make this song stand out. “Sign of The Apocalypse” is exactly what you need on your playlist.

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About Scott Edward Jones

Scott's ministry is born of a faith walk in our Lord Jesus Christ through hardship and happy times.

His songs are well crafted, catchy, and easy to sing along with. Scott is not just a performer, he does not just “put on a show."

The message is evangelistic, a 40-60 minute set of original tunes and storytelling. Humorous yet poignant, his songs are packed into a powerful testimony. We are here to proclaim that “whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.”

God has been preparing Scott for this season of ministry since he sang his first “Song unto the Lord" back in 1969. All songs are rooted in scripture and are doctrinally sound in the evangelical traditions. Scott graduated from Pinecrest Bible College in 1991 and has served in many capacities at Erie First Assembly of God since 1996.

He served in the media department for 19 years, led outstations, taught adult classes, and has organized large-scale evangelical events. His calling and ministry are recognized and held accountable by church leadership.

Scott is also a combat war veteran who was deployed to the Middle East several times during his military career.


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