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Sean Dampte - “No Be Joke”

Written by Reviewer Victoria Scott & Staff

“No Be Joke” from the album The Awoodah Begins is an imaginative Afro-pop ballad with an energetic, catchy, syncopated rhythm. Sean Dampte has an ingenious lyrical flow. With his use of intricate synthesized bells, machine bass/beat, and embellishments from the Spanish guitar, this song is a treat for your ears. The effects on the vocals add a fun layer which brings the song full circle.

Production by Joey Banks and studio engineer DXL elevate the African rhythms and heighten the song's pop melodies. Songwriters Super Highbee and Sean Dampte introduce us with a fun play on words in the first 30 seconds with his vibrant and dynamic voice,

“I know you wardrobe e no dey lack, I for like buy you more wrapper, And your hips eno dey lie o, Any step y wan waka.”

Love is not about saying the words, but about presenting it with your actions. If a person tells you that they care about you and want to commit themselves to you, it’s not a joke - it’s a serious endeavor. As the song says,

“No Be Joke e oh ohhh yeah, If I say that I love you, No Be soap u oh uuu ohh yea, Baby follow me go ooo yea, No Be Joke e oh ohhh yeah, If I say that I love you, No Be soap u oh uuu ohh yea, Baby follow me go ooo yea.”

Love is about reaffirming to the other person that you will be there for them and give them everything you have in your heart. The lyrics are saying he wants to make sure this girl knows that he isn't a joke and that his love for her isn't either.

Sean Dampte is an international afro-pop musician who injects heart and soul into each word,note and beat. The engaging movement, energetic melody, and funky rap lyrics make this song catchy and in-depth. "No Be Joke" has a tight groove that will get you moving making it the perfect song to listen to when when you need a pick-me-up for your spirits - it's fast-syncopated beats and robust melody are simply on fire.

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About Sean Dampte

Sean Dampte, given names Oluwaseun Oluyole, is a Nigerian-born, U.K. based Afro Pop artiste who was formerly known as Dampte. One of 5 siblings and the 3rd in his family pursuing entertainment. Sean Dampte discovered and honed his innate talent for rhymes, word play and metaphors at a young age, and the ability to weave those words into songs has always set him apart!

Sean Dampte, no doubt, has earned some reputation for his ability to get people grooving to his music with his stellar combination of Afrobeat, Pop and Dancehall to produce what is often termed Afro Fusion.

He is regarded as one of the pioneers of the Afrofusion sound having released the monster hit single titled ‘Wine Your Tinkolo’ featuring YQ in 2009. The single climbed various charts across Nigeria and internationally. In 2011, he featured T-Pain’s - Nappy Boy Records - Superstar artiste Tay Dizm on the track ‘Are you Ready’ After another long unexplainable hiatus, Sean Dampte returned to the Afro music scene in March 2017 with another massive hit single 'Alignment' Ft. Rayce Since then, we have seen a flurries of releases from Sean Dampte. He released his solo EP to date titled “The Awoodah Begins” in December 2018.

Sean Dampte’s music has been aired on international Music Stations such as MTV, MTVUK, MTVBase, BET just to mention a few. On December 31, 2019 Savage Music Inc. Limited released an album compilation of Sean Dampte’s old works including some as recently as 2017.


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