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Seedy Reed – 'Leave It'

Review by Brandon Watts & Staff

Seedy Reed is an Australian based multi-instrumentalist that has been creating music since 1993 and is currently putting out more music than ever. From his UK based Art-Rock origins as front-human for the still very present Gaw Nihc. to the rowdy pub-rockers of the noughties, The Seedy Three. Reed has now finally carved out his own solo works with absolute precision to match the unique vocal growl he possesses.

Steady pedaling bass along with tight, explosive drums, and the strumming of guitar make for a grooving arrangement in Seedy Reed’s “Leave It.” After setting the groove, Seedy Reed jumps right in showcasing his grumbly, raw, emotional vocals as he sings about trying to find comfort and happiness in these times of isolation. Riding the simple groove, his vocals add dynamic depth to the verse as he sings,

“I... I'm hoping for a place Somewhere for my face To try and settle down Relax into a frown Taste... don't live inside my eye I wouldn't even try To keep it from my mouth -less I had to Ralph”

The instrumental arrangement stays relatively consistent for the duration of the verses but, with a punchy, rhythmic transition into the chorus, the change in progression makes for a nice shift in energy that will surely grasps listeners attention. Each passing chorus is a slight variation, giving listeners something new with each passing section. The arrangement was well-conceived and keeps listeners ears locked in.

Seedy Reed has an original and organic sound that leaves a lasting impression. His vocal presentation is raw and real, making a for a strong and soulful impact. He accomplishes what a lot of artists strive for - a truly signature sound. Hearing an artist who is this unique is ear stopping, and you'll be glad your ears stopped by to listen.

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