• Bryon Harris

SeeMeBeamon – “Everybody”

“Everybody” by SeeMeBeamon is absolutely stellar track that proves he has what it takes to sit alongside todays hit rappers. From the production, to the flow of his verses, the addictiveness of his hook, and the pristine quality of the mix “Everybody” will truly have you wondering why you have not heard of SeeMeBeamon yet, and if you have heard his music, this song reminds you just why you can’t stop listening.

The track opens up with a tight, lo-fi drum beat with ambient chatter of children, rapping, and hints of melodic, soulful vocals. After this brief introduction, the kick slams down and the beat come in clearer and harder as SeeMeBeamon starts to lay down the hook.

“Fuck em all/

Man you gotta do for you/

Everybody gone who look’n out for you/

Everybody eating ain’t no plate for you/

Everybody got a bag. you ain’t got it”

As he repeats the hook you are already trying to rap along to the addictive flow as you are entranced by his chill timbre bolstered by the detuned synths, jazzy upright bass, and ethereal vibes the track gives off. Progressing into the verses, SeeMeBeamon spits introspective bars about his life and how he is focusing on getting his own and being himself.

“Gotta move forward with ambition/

Stay persistent til I get it/

Making money’s my addiction in addition to whipping foreigns and fuck’n bitches, handling business

And bounce’n back when they thought I was finished”

“Everybody” is the kind of record you add to your playlist the second you hear the hook drop for the first time. SeeMeBeamon is a top-notch artist who has what it takes to leave an impression in the game. With killer production to highlight his talent, you will definitely want to keep an ear on SeeMeBeamon.

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About SeeMeBeamon Based in Las Vegas, NV from Southern California. SeeMeBeamon is a revolutionizing Hip-Hop artist, providing compelling and emotional productions that leave his audiences wanting more. He has an extensive musical background and a genius-level ability in developing unique, advanced artistic creations, which has led to his prominent successes and exponential growth within the music industry. SeeMeBeamon began making music in church after his father went to jail. He discovered that music was a powerful outlet to express emotion and stay resilient during hard times.

Over time, this became a catalyst for him to study music in school. Though he dropped out in the second semester, he still went full force into his music, producing for local acts and independent artists in other states under the name BotBeamon. Today, SeeMeBeamon is building his own music brand and is excited to finally share it with the rest of the world. In a world where hip-hop is one of the most dominant and in-demand genres, there is still a void missing, and SeeMeBeamon is determined to fill that demand and make his mark.


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