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SLT - 'Dredg'

Review Written by Victoria Scott & Staff

SLT is a Chicago rock band that was started by Matt Bialk (guitarist/lead vocalist ) in the year 2000. Matt enlisted the help of drummer Brian Vinson and bass guitarist Greg Klemm, and together they wrote music and toured the Chicago region for the better part of 6 years. At the back end of this run, they met guitarist Billy Rasch who joined SLT for the final years of this first run. In late 2006, the band took a hiatus to solidify their careers and start families. Then in 2016, the band met for a "practice just for old times." This practice would lead more practice sessions until the band was back at it. By late 2019, SLT recorded their first legitimate studio EP, Insight, which garnished radio play and YouTube support. Currently, the band looks forward to playing live shows again and continuing to release music regularly.

We all want to live in a better world, and SLT’s hard rock song “Dredg,” from their EP Insight, depicts this turmoil. An ethereal, ambient sound opens up the song as an electric guitar plays glistening melodies echoing softly behind rugged lead vocals.

As the verse progresses, the rhythm grows more intensely as the distorted electric guitar starts a killer riff right as the harsh vocals fall way, like a distant echo. Before the bridge, the drummer begins impressive, rapid triplets on the bass drum; then the back vocals scream intensely, “Wake up!” The song progresses more rapidly as the vocals screech murderously, and the band rides heavily on the beat. SLT’s performance is dynamic, and their musicianship is impressive.

“Dredg” is about wanting a better life and running away from the current circumstance. During the song two people are conversing about plans to obtain a better life. Before the chorus goes into the second verse there’s a possibility of success, but after the chorus everything fails. There isn’t a happy ending to their story. This is not Hollywood music. They have lost everything, as the song says,

“Nothing that can hear your pray can save us now. I will not stay here with you. Please take my hand now before you're left behind. With our heads in our hands and our hearts in denial, we gave up.”

SLT's hard-rock artistry is bold and edgy. The band has a burning spirit that transcends purely through their music and message. Even though the message in "Dredg" is dark and hopeless, the lyrics' have a vulnerability that is beautiful and moving. There's a grunge style to the song that adds a punk rock edge.

SLT is a powerful band with sensational instrumentation and musianship that supports an electrifying vocal delivery of their meaningful lyrics.

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