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Snowflake Generation - 'Part of Me'

By Sylvie Marie & Staff

From Birmingham UK, the 5 member band Snowflake Generation are making waves in the indie rock arena. Band members include Callum Coyne, vocals/lyrics; Kealan Fowkes, lead guitar/backing vocals; Lewis Smith, guitar; Foli Amuzumonlaw, bass; and Antony Tonks, drums. Formed in September 2019, the band offers up intelligent and honest lyrics with an in your face musical sound full of guitar riffs and drum fills. Their single, "Part of Me", is what great indie rock is all about.

"Part of Me' starts out the gate with fuzzy, energetic electric guitar chords in 6/8, a deep bass on the first downbeat of each measure, and scale-wise, melodic guitar riffs that don't hold back. Already, the sound is pulsing in your veins. Lead singer Callum Coyne enters with a radio-ready indie rock voice most bands would envy. He sings, "You say to open up, but it's very few people that I trust. And confusion lingers in my thoughts, and the dreams and memories I forget, but I will show you part of me, if you put my mind in ease..." The lyrics draw you in with authentic, self-reflective and intimate thoughts.

Soon Antony Tonks' takes it up more than a few notches on the drums displaying stunning syncopated percussion skills that make this track very engaging to listen to. In "Part of Me" there's a raw jam energy that never gives up.

"Part of Me" is about the journey of trust in a relationship. It's about what you choose to disclose and ultimately the parts of your soul that you decide to show to someone else once that trust is established. The song describes, in great honesty, how difficult this can be to do and how it would be easier to just skip the inner turmoil and go to the end. The intensity of the song stays in full gear from the first note to the last delivering the message that talking about painful or dark parts of yourself with someone else is an intense feeling.

Snowflake Generation wears their music and their message on their sleeves without holding back, and by doing so they create a sound and lyrics that fans of indie rock will deeply respect and relate to. A band for a new generation of indie rock fans, Snowflake Generation is a newcomer to watch.

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