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Sofia Talvik - 'Take Me Home'

Written by Ionas Finser & Staff

A gentle guitar provides the sweet yet hollow setting of Sofia Talvik’s masterful “Take Me Home.” Talvik’s voice is smooth and relaxing on the highest level, sending lush echoes through the entire mix. “Take Me Home” as a whole is full of hollow ambience and hypnotizing echoes, created thoughtfully and organically through a variety of means, including a killer pedal steel line. The overall mood is wistful and somber, evoking nostalgic memories and loneliness.

Lyrically, Sofia Talvik thinks back to her home in Sweden, and how her once fond memories drift ever farther away from her. Each phrase evokes a beautiful sense of imagery and melancholy, creating a mist of raw emotions that give the music meaning and form.

“Leave me here on the shore Where you found me before I won’t ask you for more Take me home”

This is about as perfect as a song gets. Talvik’s melodies are emotional and clean, the mix is formed perfectly with a masterful sense of panning and space, while the lyrical content gives the listener a firm, touching idea to focus on. As the last chord hits and is proceeded by silence, you will be left with gentle chills running down your spine and a sense of calm reverence for the emotional power of music.

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About Sofia Talvik

Talvik has performed at festivals ranging from Lollapalooza to SXSW, she’s opened for Maria McKee & David Duchovny, and has collaborated with former Suede guitarist Bernard Butler, as well as Tobias Fröberg (Peter Bjorn and John), who produced her 2008 LP Jonestown.

She has taken her music across Europe and through 47 U.S. states, riding in her 1989 Winnebago Warrior, digging deep into the American sound and channeling it through her Nordic roots to create a singular brand of Americana. Delving into folk melancholy akin to fellow Swedes First Aid Kit, Paws of a Bear delivers Talvik’s own neatly packaged stories across its 10 stunning tracks. Lead single “Take Me Home” recently debuted in the top ten on the U.S. Folk Radio Charts, offering a hint of what’s to come for Sofia Talvik.

Haunting pedal steel intertwines with warm upright bass, acoustic guitars and piano, creating an ideal foundation for the stark beauty of Talvik’s vocal work. Paws of a Bear plays like a picture book, flipping through some of life’s most earnest moments. Through her unique indie-folk, Talvik’s tells her own tale, while giving listeners plenty of room to contemplate their own lives. As the album unfolds, she lures you into her world with stunning heft and grit, once again proving a master of her craft.


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