• Bryon Harris

Sons of Silver - 'World on Fire'

“World on Fire” by Sons of Silver is a high-octane grooving, rock jam that showcases their signature sound in one of their most meaningful releases to date. The song features Original Pearl Jam Drummer Dave Krusen, Candlebox Bassist Adam Kury, and Former Skillet Guitarist Kevin Haaland.

Opening up, steady drums set the pace tightly with a pedaling bass while electric guitars take the lead with a killer riff split into lower and higher octaves. Not before long, the bass meets the guitars as they link together in unison setting a funky groove to enter the first verse.

The gritty vocals come through clear in the mix fitting well with the crunchy timbre of guitar with bouncy rhythmic phrases.

“Good God by the look of things / You’d think the word’s about to end / Prophets rise profiteering / On a wave of public discontent.”

The addition of harmonic layers add energy to verse as it builds towards the chorus. Entering the chorus, the vocals and guitar take on the melody together, driving the motif into your head.

With heavy political commentary inspired by today’s events in the lyrics, I urge you to check out the lyric video on Vimeo.

"World on Fire" melts the face off money and greed, tolerance and manufactured enemies, climate change and social responsibility. The song also brings it to a personal level exploring society's obsession with materialism, selfies and social media. The call is for an awakening, a revolution.

Sons of Silver's "World on Fire" is hot. Stirring the embers of political discontent and social responsibility, the band ignites a musical spark that can't be ignored with heated lyrics and a flammable groove that gets under your skin and cause a fever.

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