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Stacy Jones - 'Love is Everywhere'

Review by Victoria Scott & Staff

Stacy Jones' “Love is Everywhere” is a sweet blues-rock song. The song comes in with electric blues guitar and drums creating a grooving jam. Before the mid-section, the guitar picks up and a choir in the background illuminates the song. The rhythm sections cruise through the grooves, getting your body moving.

"Love is Everywhere" has great instrumentation with Rick Bowen; drums, Tome Jones; bass, Jeff Menteer; electric guitar, and Stacy Jones on keys. The band comes together flawlessly. You can tell they have musical chemistry and really feel the music passionately. In the break to the end, there is an intense guitar solo along with powerful vocals repeating, "Love is Everywhere."

Throughout the song the theme is that love heals. Stacy Jones wrote “Love Is Everywhere” in the wake of the Orlando nightclub massacre and before the annual Seattle Pride festival. The song is a declaration and tribute to the fallen and to those who stand up for human rights and the power of love.

During the last chorus, “There’s no room for hate anywhere, only room for love everywhere, love everywhere,” Stacy vocalizes over the drums, guitar, and bass and you can truly hear her expression and emotion.

Stacy Jones has amazing blues chops as a singer and songwriter. Her voice is soulful, deep, and passionate. Like the title of the song, when Stacy sings and her band plays, you can hear that "love is everywhere" - it is in every note sung and every note played.


About Stacy Jones

Stacy Jones is no stranger to success. She has been nominated, multple times, for “Best of the Blues” awards in songwriting, performance, harmonica, and guitar. She won the 2019 and 2018 Best Band Award, plus nine other “Best of the Blues awards, from the Washington Blues Society including Best Female Vocalist, Blues harmonica, Blues Songwriter and the 2018 NW Recording of the Year for her album Love Is Everywhere.

In 2017 she was accepted in the first round of Grammy Voting for  “Best Contemporary Blues Album” and “Best Americana  Song” and was chosen to represent the South Sound Blues Association as the entrant for the 2018 Best Self-produced CD Competition at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis TN.  She has also charted on Roots Radio Report Top 40.

A dynamic performer and expressive vocalist, Stacy  has taken the stage at the Chicago Blues Festival, SXSW, juke joints in Mississippi, riverboats in California, headlined festivals, toured Europe and shared stages with Elvin Bishop, Charlie Musselwhite, Lee Oskar, and many other legends.  

For more information, please visit Stacy Jones' website.


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