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Steve Andrews - 'I Touch Your Name'

"I Touch Your Name' is a Christian inspirational song by Steve Andrews. The song opens with a delicate guitar finger-picking pattern on an acoustic guitar. The pattern is played gently throughout the first verse drawing listener's in with an inviting sound.

The song then blooms into acoustic guitar strumming. The vibe becomes more intense as Steve sings, "I feel a hidden peace sneak over me. When I scan the scripture of your sign. The fear that strikes my heart, you scare away My soul starts to flame when I touch your name." The song continues with a combination of light finger-picking and fervent strumming. Over the guitar landscape, Steve's tenor voice rises above the mix with an expressive and heartfelt performance.

"I Touch Your Name" is about the overwhelming feelings a person has when they speak the name of the Lord. This song is very unique in that this reverent topic hasn't been addressed in too many songs. Steve touches on the idea that even speaking the name of God can touch soul. "I feel a hidden peace sneak over me."

"I Touch Your Name' has true folk-rock and Americana influences in it's vivid and poet lyrics that tells a story and paint an emotion. There is a desert highway, a rusted sign, and a question, "Do you know God?" Steve describes how God has taken on a mysterious celebrity and hero status, then brings the song to it's core when he simple says, "You are my savior, the law.

With nice acoustic guitar work, poignant lyrics, and a heartfelt vocal performance, Steve Andrews song, "I Touch Your Name" is sure to touch on your soul and lift spirits.

About Steve Andrews

Steve Andrews is a singer-songwriter with an artistic background writing music in multiple genres from sacred to pop to rock.

He is a choir conductor at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral, a position he has held for the past twenty years. He is also a vocalist(cantor) with the Greater Pittsburgh Byzantine Choir.


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