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Steve Bonham and The Long Road - 'No Particular Blues'

Steve Bonham and The Long Road's 'No Particular Blues' can be found on BWH Music Group's new release, 'Keepin' It country, Vol. One.' The compilation album features 17 songs by today's best independent contemporary country artists.

Last year, Steve Bonham and The Long Road released two companion albums as part of their ‘Gone to Look for America’ project: The Girl with the Rattlesnake Heart and Reliance. The albums received critical acclaim from Maverick Country and Rock n' Roots (RnR). Their songs have been in radio rotation in over 40 countries. Steve Bonham and The Long Road have been described as a rogue of musicians who appeal to the outlaw in all of this and "No Particular Blues" oozes with the outlaw vibe.

“No Particular Blues” gets things going with a full, exciting arrangement right off the bat. The lead guitar plays a twangy motif that will stick in your head as it appears in instrumental

sections throughout the song. A bouncy bass line is complimented by staccato chords on piano, while the layered rhythm guitar supports the melodies of the lead making for intricate rhythmic patterns throughout the tune.

The band features Steve Bonham who has been described as "the songwriter’s songwriter" along with Chris ‘The Bishop’ Lydon on piano and tuba (Liz Green and Beth Chapin-Carpenter), ‘The Big Man’ Kev Moore on bass, guitar and drums (Christie, Saxon and Witchcross) and ‘Long’ John Humphreys on guitar, resonator, banjo and fiddle.

Steve's vocals are ultra cool with a subdued confidence that draws you in. Lyrically, the song is as free-spirited as a van on a dusty road with no agenda. "No Particular Blues" is about living in the present. "Aint no particular place, I’m walking to, Just looking for adventures, they’re starting with you." It's also about changing your mindset. "Aint no particular hole, I’m falling down. I’m sinking the old boat honey, letting it drown." And it's about the idea that life is unpredicatable. "Aint no particular day, I’m going to die. Don’t feel worried babe, there’s no need to cry." The most clever writing in the song comes when Steve talks about crazy politicians. "Out on the turnpike, they’re checking the cars Looking for outlaws, they’re sounding bizarre."

Aint no Particular Blues" captures the essence of being a free spirit in times that don't feel free.


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