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Steve Dunn - "Mixtape"

Reviewed by Aaron Cloutier

Connecticut-based Singer/Songwriter Steve Dunn blends country-inspired songwriting with just a dash of a rock sensibility on the ever-pensive “Mixtape.” A romantic ballad that ruminates on the turbulence that comes with a relationship coming to a close.

Things kick off quick as strums of a shimmeringly bright acoustic guitar are juxtaposed with Dunn’s expressive vocals. He is very warm and heartfelt, with just a hint of a southern drawl as he spins stories of love on its way out the door. This is best conveyed with lyrics such as,

“I can tell you’re leaving, I can feel you moving on. I know you told your friends you were right, and I was always wrong.”

A slow pulse further accentuates the subject matter of the piece is with a gentle application of a side stick on the snare drum keeping the beat steady throughout this subdued verse.

When it comes to Mixtape’s overall structure, Dunn doesn’t beat around the bush when getting to the song’s well-crafted hooks. He wastes no time getting to an epic chorus almost before you realize the first verse has ended. The song structure is quite lean and keeps your attention throughout.

Evocative imagery is conjured up as Dunn reflects on the collection of songs that presumably he and his love interest once shared together, as depicted in the following lyric…

“Our love is like a mixtape. ‘Fire and Rain,’ ‘Brown Eyed Girl,’ and ‘Crazy Train.’ ‘Living on a Prayer’ and ‘Don’t stop believing.’ Our love is like a mixtape.”

The arrangement shifts in true pop-song fashion as electric guitar, organ and vocal harmonies are introduced. At the same time, the drums pick up in energy as Dunn laments on both sides A and B of this proverbial vintage playlist. This, coupled with the leanness in the song structure, makes for a potent combination resulting in a powerful hook. Some real songwriting chops are being flexed here.

In short, if rock-injected country music with a soulful delivery and a penchant for storytelling is your bag, “Mixtape” is one to check out.


About Steve Dunn

Steve Dunn, a singer/songwriter from Connecticut. The new album, “Last Call” is a perfect blend of country, rock, and folk.

With his mix of genres and prolific song writing, Dunn is currently out promoting his new release with live events, and interviews with various press outlets.

With 6 records under his belt, Dunn has played on numerous recordings, toured extensively, received radio play, appeared on numerous

TV and Radio shows across the USA, and continues to be a musician’s musician.

Fans of Zac Brown, James Taylor, Keith Urban, and Brad Paisley, will love the new release, “Last Call” from Steve Dunn.

For more information visit Steve's official website: www.SteveDunnMusic.com


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